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The HRC Fertility Blog is a resource for patients and those seeking infertility related issues and articles. Check back often or subscribe to this blog as it is changed weekly by the HRC staff.

Step by Step

Stacie Krajchir, an HRC Fertility patient and advocate for fertility awareness, recently was interviewed and stated that her first foray in to the “world of infertility” was scary and shameful.  She described, with much passion, how she originally thought that the first meet and greet with the fertility staff would be “easy” and that her expectations included that she would be given a simple “to do list” and snap she would become pregnant. Easy as pie!

A simple solution for Stacie’s infertility was not the case and in many of our patients the path to infertility is not just one or two, but many steps. We understand that the process is full of a whole host of emotions for all the patients who walk through our Rancho Cucamonga office doors. Scary. Shameful. Embarrassed. Sadness. Grief. And, we hope in eventuality – Happiness!

That is why we celebrate the small successes along the journey to parenthood with you and in praise of YOU!

We know that making the first phone call for an appointment is a huge leap of faith and also takes much courage. Bravo to those who do!

We are here for you to help when couples come in to see us and learn that we have a process to work with our patient’s financial situations. We also are offering a special pricing package for a limited time. 

Rancho offer


We applaud when a same-sex couple finds “just the right” fertility plan, including using a surrogate or donor program.

We are thrilled when the ultrasound following IUI or IVF shows us that life has begun and is thriving. The heartbeat that we find is music to our ears! See below the photo of one of our recent patients who shared their ultrasound pic on our FACEBOOK page.




And, we are filled with glee when we finally meet the “little bundle of joy” that completes the journey.  Your photos and testimonials are appreciated beyond measure.

Here at HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga we are the “new kid on the HRC Fertility block”.  We are overjoyed when our facility is full to capacity for our Fertility 101 Seminars with those who are taking their first brave step in to parenthood by coming to see if infertility treatments are for them.

We hope that if you are seeking medical expertise to unravel the “what ifs” of infertility or wish to build your family using IUI, IVF, donor egg/sperm or surrogacy programs – that you will connect with us.  Dr. Nelson and Dr. Norian are here to do what is best on your behalf.

And what happened to Stacie, who we mentioned earlier?  Well, meet Milo – an HRC Fertility success story! (And, we hope your inspiration to keep trying!)

Baby Boy Stacie


HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga is nestled in the Inland Empire and easily accessible from major freeways.

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