Part two – Acupuncture and Infertility

In our previous blog, Jean Morris, acupuncturist discussed how acupuncture can be very instrumental in helping with infertility. We will continue giving some more “nuts and bolt ” to this subject in this second half of the blog series.

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First, acupuncture is often a scary proposition for some. The thought of needles can be a bit more than most can handle. Here is a video that explains the acupuncture technique related infertility. It is presented in a way that stressed that acupuncture often works hand in hand with traditional western medicine, especially with structural problems that impact fertility. VIDEO

Moreover, many suggest that it is best to have a full consultation with a fertility specialist if there are any concerns about becoming pregnant. Our HRC Fertility physicians understand that patients can be very stressed about not being able to conceive and that acupuncture is one of many ways to relieve the stress in a natural way. Also, exercise and healthy diet can help, too!

Dr. Norian, of the HRC Rancho Cucamonga office, was quoted in MediineNet , in an article that helped to explain how acupuncture can play a role with assisting those with infertility:

““In addition, acupuncture boosts feel-good hormones called beta endorphins, says Dr. Norian. This improves levels of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, which are both important to fertility. "It also helps decrease the stress response," he says.””


(Read the rest of the article here)

Acupuncture, while centuries old, is fairly new in the mainstream of treatment options for many here in the United States. One can learn more here and as always, please consult with your physician if you are currently undergoing any medical treatments, including for infertility:

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