How 2 minutes a day of yoga can help improve fertility


This past September, Dr. Wilcox from HRC Fertility Center of Pasadena held a Fertility 101 seminar for prospective patients. One of the topics discussed was the impact of stress on fertility and how yoga can help to reduce stress.  To help continue the conversation we invited guest blogger, Shara Lawrence-Weiss from and yoga expert, Nicole DeAvilla to post their recent interview and video.



Shara: Did you know that practicing yoga can assist with your fertility goals? Below, Nicole DeAvilla explains how!

Nicole shares:

I have been teaching yoga for nearly 30 years. I was on the original Yoga Alliance Prenatal Yoga Standards Committee and I’ve been a yoga researcher and trainer for many years. I came in through the back door, if you will. The subject of yoga and fertility is hot at the moment and I’m happy to discuss this topic with your readers!

Nicole explains yoga as related to fertility:

As shown in research yoga can assist with fertility, most notably, through stress reduction. Stress can lead to infertility. During a recent twitter chat I discussed additional benefits of yoga with the participants. Further research is being compiled to show the numerous advantages of yoga as related to fertility.

Yoga and Male Fertility:

Men also benefit by practicing yoga for fertility. The effects of stress reduction are clear but it is believed that yoga practice for men also helps with other measures.

Is there a recommended time structure for daily yoga routines?

Research has yet to answer this question clearly. In my experience, the right amount of time is the time that can be done on a regular basis. For example, do deep breathing before getting out of bed in the morning, do a few stretches while you brew your tea, take “2 Minute Yoga Breaks” throughout your work day, etc. This can easily be fit into busy schedules, reducing stress.

How to connect with Nicole?

Nicole offers her 2 minute Yoga sessions daily via the online TV station Ustream

You can also connect with her to ask questions, etc via her TWITTER page

Nicole joined our TweetChat on September 24th and was so inspired by HRC Fertility Pasadena efforts that she posted this special yoga video for our community and her followers, as well: