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Patience--and Other Things I Know About Fertility Treatment

One thing all couples can agree on when it comes to the infertility journey: It’s a learning experience. 

Tiffany and Derek were together for ten years, and always knew they wanted a family. But after several years of trying unsuccessfully, they sought IVF treatment with Dr. David Tourgeman.

Westen Wyatt and OwenAfter four years, they had a baby boy with IVF and a few years later, the couple had twins using stored frozen embryos from the first cycle.

When asked what she wished she would have known when she started fertility treatment after having been through it, Tiffany was thoughtful before she answered, “The outcome. I would have enjoyed my earlier years of being married and wouldn’t have stressed so much about having that family.”

Tiffany feels that there is a reason she and her husband suffered infertility, not as a punishment or a curse but to better appreciate their family and become better parents.

“Everybody’s journey is different and as hurtful as this journey can be, there is a reason and I guess the only thing you can do is embrace it. And trust me, it’s not easy. I know that.”

Tiffany had little advice on how to cope with infertility. It’s a difficult thing and something over which you have no control. She understands the feelings of frustration and disappointment women in fertility have every month. But she encourages them to continue and to “just keep trying.”

Having the right team made a big difference, and Tiffany describes Dr. Tourgeman’s style as “incredible.”

“From our very first consultation, we were involved, communicated with and made to feel comfortable,” she remembers. “I never felt like a number or chart, and no one ever minded when I called with my silly questions. In fact, when we went back two years later to try for another baby, the nurse noticed that I’d changed my hair color! It’s a little thing, but it made me feel good because I never felt like I had to start over.”

Couples considering fertility treatment have many choices and every journey will be different. But if Tiffany had advice for couples deciding between HRC Fertility and another fertility clinic, it is nothing if not direct:

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

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