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The Hope Patient Resource Guide

We are pleased to make our Hope Patient Resource Guide available to our patients on-line. Because we want to make your experience with us at HRC as pleasant as possible, we have designed this guide with you in mind.

We like to refer to it as our patients' "Guide to HOPE" (HRC's Organized Patient Education), and think you will find it helpful in answering some of your questions while in the midst of treatment. You will find descriptions of tests and procedures you may be undergoing, information on medications you may be taking, a step-by-step guide on how to self-administer injections, some coping strategies, such as relaxation techniques, and several resources (books, associations and web sites) which you may find helpful.

We welcome all recommendations and/or suggestions you may have to improve this guide for future patients. You, the patient, ultimately know best what is most beneficial and useful when experiencing all the emotions, questions and frustrations you feel while trying to turn your dreams into realities.

The "Hope Patient Resource Guide" is intended for our patients only. For this reason, you will need to use a username and password to access the guide. When requesting your quide please be sure and include your name, e-mail address, and treating physician.

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