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Infertility FAQ Video Gallery

The staff and physicians at HRC have produced an outstanding series of videos to help answer basic infertility questions. Below is a list of short informational videos in which the HRC physicians answer the most frequently asked questions about infertility.

Please select the image below to view the specific video to learn more information on the topic from the country’s leading fertility experts. For additional information or to set up an appointment with one of our staff members, please call us at 1-866-HRC-4IVF (472-4483).


The Different Types of Infertility

Dr Alison Peck - The Different Types of Infertility

Why Choose HRC Fertility?

Dr. Mickey Coffler - Why Choose HRC Fertility?

Success Rates

Dr John Wilcox - Infertility Success Rates


Basic Treatment Options

Dr. David Tourgeman - Basic Infertility Treatment Options

The IVF Procedure

Dr. Jeffrey Nelson - The IVF Procedure

Male Infertility

Dr. Robert Boostanfar - Male Infertility


How Age Impacts Infertility

Dr. Jane Frederick discusses how age impacts infertility

Same Sex Parenting

Dr. Bradford Kolb discusses same sex partners and IVF

Egg Freezing

Dr Jane Frederick discusses egg freezing


Egg Donation

Dr. Jeffrey Nelson discusses egg donation options

Surrogacy/Third Party Parenting

Dr. Michael Feinman discusses surrogacy and third party parenting

Gender Selection

Dr. Potter discusses the gender selection program at HRC