By  Jennifer Bright Reich



Remember the phrase, “You can have it all?”  That is what I thought would happen to my friends and my myself as we transitioned from full time employment ( I was a Lieutenant in the Army) to motherhood.  We were all ready to journey together as women in our  mid-thirties and early forties in to the foray of starting a family.  And, we had plenty of company as  approximately 20 percent of women  in the U.S. wait until age 35 to start trying to get pregnant  


What we didn’t expect was that some of us would become pregnant while others would not. Ahhh.. this journey would be fraught with a potpourri of emotions … and awkwardness.


It is because of the friends who could not become pregnant that I started to research about infertility and many options that were available.


Why does infertility happen?  And, why does it happen to women who seem to have healthy lifestyles and did “all the right things”?


Some of the answers truly are with the proverbial biological clock.   Fertility can begin to decline as early when a woman is in her  late -20s. A healthy 30-year-old woman has a 20 percent chance per month to get pregnant. A healthy 40-year-old woman, on the other hand, has only a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant per month according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.


So it’s not surprising that Mother Nature needs some help now and then. More than 6.7 million women (almost 11 percent of US women), ages15 to 44, have impaired fertility or ability to carry a baby to term, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More than 7.4 million women in the United States have used infertility services, according to the CDC.


   For women, such as my friends, who had suffered infertility or repeat miscarriages, there are now many options.  In my quest to learn more  I have become familiar with the HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga - Inland Empireand have learned of their treatments designed specifically for women in this age group. They understand the diminished fertility of women who are in their forties and also the additional pregnancy risks women they may face. 


HRC Fertility at Rancho Cucamonga is a new facility located in the Inland Empire area of California. Although this fertility center has recently opened its doors it is fully staffed with seasoned physicians who together brings their reproductive medicine expertise to their patients.  Please read more about HRC Fertility at Rancho Cucamonga by visiting their website by clicking here


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Author’s Notes:

About the author: Jennifer Bright Reich is coauthor of The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, cofounder of, and a mom of two sons, in Allentown, PA. She was compensated for this blog, but feels so passionately about the topic she would have written about it for free.