By BonnieTorrez on Monday, 21 April 2014
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RESOLVE – the National Infertility Association has celebrated, educated and resolved to increase awareness about infertility for 25 years. This year, they are focusing on the educational component of their association during  National Infertility Awareness Week – April 20-26th.

RESOLVE has selected the theme – “Resolve to know more” in order to enlighten their audience about fertility options and how to self-advocate. They have outlined the following as their benchmark “resolutions”:

In order to help individuals learn about more, RESOLVE has also offered a full educational component to their websiteHRC of Rancho Cucamonga will be supporting the efforts of RESOLVE by posting much information on our social media platforms and website.  We hope that you will help to amplify their message by retweeting and reposting, as you wish.

RESOLVE has listed multiple events throughout the Spring of 2014, especially this April, dedicated to education and support with many events happening around the country and via “the web”. Click here for the listing. Note that many of the events are in Southern California or are global and accessible via online participation with simple one click registration.

These events may be of special interest:

Bloggers Unite Challenge begins on April 20th

NIAW is from April 20-26th


The hashtag # being used for these events is #NIAW.  Searching the #NIAW tag on social media platforms, such as TWITTER and FACEBOOK, will help you find posts about the events and educational information, including the ones posted by our infertility center.  We also use #HRCInlandEmpire for many of our posts, if you wish to follow along with our thread of information.

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