I want to start by thanking HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga for allowing me an opportunity to talk about something that is a huge part of my life.  Music.  I’ve been involved in music for as long as I can remember, as a musician and a teacher for more than 20 years. During that time, my composing and teaching have included helping reduce stress of people who are pre-natal or experiencing fertility difficulties.



How can music help increase wellness while reducing stress? Let me start by asking a simple question- Did you ever try to remember something and you just can’t?  Then without any rhyme or reason what you were trying so hard to remember just comes to you when you aren’t even thinking about it!   What does this have to do with music, you ask?  And what can it possibly have to do with fertility?


                        It comes down to one word …  RELAXATION


    When the mind is relaxed, the body is relaxed.  When the body is relaxed, positive outcomes occur.    There are things that can help you relax to allow this mind/body connection to happen a little more quickly.   Music is one such tool in mind/body relaxation.  There are so many ways music can affect the body, both stimulating it and soothing it.  It is something that can be both experienced in a passive and active way. 


I find that playing and writing music is quite cathartic and listening back to what I’ve created is nothing short of magical.  Perhaps you will find music to be your mode for relaxation, as well. The piece below is called  SERENITY.  For this blog a video was created with relaxing and inspirational images for you. If you wish a copy of the pdf of the sheet music, please connect via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Serenity




Listening to classical music… is a great way to connect to a beautiful melody while allowing the body and mind to be calm.  There are many types of ways that classical music can help soothe you. Via symphonies - which have full orchestras, Concertos that  feature a solo instrument over an orchestra, and beautiful sonatas which are for a solo instrument and many, many other types of pieces


Here are some strategies for listening to music to help enhance the relaxation experience.


·         From the Baroque time period, there are a few composers I really like.  Bach, Monteverdi and Vivaldi come to mind.

·         From the Classical period Mozart is a staple in any music library.  I would also recommend Haydn and Beethoven.  (Beethoven is also the first composer of the Romantic period).

·         From the Romantic period, I love Beethoven of course.  But Chopin and Schumann are on my mp3 player too.

·          From the Impressionist period, Debussy is just wonderful. Discover Debussy here.

·         Let’s not forget about contemporary music.  I love listening to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman singing Italian melodies.  It really lifts my spirits.

Experiment.  Find what music calls toExplore new genres, instruments and artists.  There is a big world of music both old and new just waiting for you.  Sit back, dim the lights, relax and remember to breathe.

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About the author and composer:

Dara Blaker is a musician, small business owner and entrepreneur. 

As part of the 411 Voices Media Network, Dara hosts a radio show called Dara…On Radio; Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it all.  Through audio interviews and blogposts, Dara…On Radio shows how celebrities and other fascinating people are living their dreams through their creative pursuits, and the importance of understanding the business end of it.

In addition to running her music business Colour Me Music, Dara is also a voice actor who does narration, character voices and ADR lip sync for foreign films being dubbed into English.  Presently, she is also developing an animated television series with her husband and daughter.

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