On the Infertility Bookshelf- Part Two

So much information about infertility! How can you choose? For some people, book reviews and checking to see if a resource is given a good amount of stars helps guide the weeding out process. For others, they want to devour any and all information about infertility in order to feel they are prepared for “anything and everything.”



Recently, HRC Fertility – Rancho Cucamonga published a review of two books written by community members who have lived and breathed the infertility experience. This article was well received, thus we offer a few more entries to our bookshelf for your reading enjoyment and learning!


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Imagine two friends coming together with one goal- to help others learn through their experiences about pregnancy, birth and overall health – especially nutrition. Then sprinkle this idea with the poignant candor of dozens of physicians who boldly share their own journeys with pregnancy, infertility, weight gain and more! This is the premise behind the very popular series- THE MOMMY MD GUIDES!


Rallie McAllister, MD and her writing / publisher partner, Jennifer Bright Reich have amassed in several volumes a collection of stories, tips and loads of humor to help anyone feel “normal”. While some doctors may be shy about exposing their personal feelings, there surprisingly were many doctors who were willing to share their deepest thoughts and fears!


Take the case of Dr. Jennifer Gilbert who openly admitted that she had challenges with fertility. After two years of trying they decided to go to an infertility specialist and now have twin sons. She sums up her thoughts as follows:


If you’re struggling with infertility – be patient. The majority of patients who struggle with infertility do ultimately conceive. Don’t get lost in the feeling of “It’s not going to happen for us” For the majority of women – it does happen!” (Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth)




The second book reviewed by this duo was the Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great. Many who have infertility challenges know that endocrine disorders, such as PCOS, can result in weight gain. Thus, it was refreshing to see that several doctors owned up to their own difficulties with maintaining a healthy weight. The best “take aways” of this book were the strategies to help those who truly wish to reduce their body weight. The authors recognized that not every program for weight loss matches every reader. That was truly a gift, as many I am sure will appreciate the mounds of information and tangible techniques to help motivate those who wish to have a successful weight loss and more importantly increase their physical abilities and emotional health!


The Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great can be found here on their website .



Last Fall, HRC Fertility – Rancho Cucamonga’s, Dr. Norian was a guest on the Mommy MD Guide radio show. You can listen to his interview here.



About the author: Louise Sattler is a Psychologist with an interest in women’s health.

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On the Infertility Bookshelf- Part Two