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On the Infertility Bookshelf – Part One

On the Infertility Bookshelf – Part One

By Louise Sattler, Psychologist

Many books are written on the subject of infertility. Often times, they are chocked full of salient medical information as they are penned by physicians or researchers. Yet, from time to time a book is written that tugs at the heartstrings, embellishes the thoughts of a person who is in the midst or gone through the infertility journey or simply is written as a source of inspiration.

The two books that are cited below do just that- inform, inspire and personalize the experience as only those who have lived the experience or are deeply connected to infertility could.

When Fran Meadows found out she was experiencing infertility her world started to cave in. She and her husband dedicated much of their energies and monies in an effort to have a child. When they became pregnant after IVF they were ecstatic. However, their elation turned to sorrow when the pregnancy ended tragically at 25 weeks. Her late pregnancy loss is chronicled in her book, THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SECRET- INFERTILTY. However sad this story may begin, it ends on a positive note which is clearly witnessed by the photo on the back cover – Fran holding her adorable son, Brendon.

There are many pearls of wisdom shared in this book. To this blogger the most poignant was how Fran explained the importance of the support she felt from those closest to her and the team of physicians who she trusted. Even in their darkest hours there was love and support beyond measure. This author chronicled how difficult the decisions were to go through the infertility process again while grieving for the baby that was gone too soon.   I for one, was humbled by the candor shown in this book of this couple who just wouldn’t give up their dream!

I “know” Fran from her presence in social media as an advocate and resource within the world of infertility.   This book is available on Amazon.   You may connect with the Fran via her website: or on Twitter as @FranMeadows.

On Fertile Ground – Healing Infertility is written by social worker, Helen Adrienne, who has had vast experiences with patients who have struggled with reproductive disorders and infertility. Her book focuses on the emotional, as well as physical, toll that infertility can have on individuals and couples. Learning how to cope, heal and grieve are all central themes in this book that I found thoroughly refreshing, as it was not preachy or overly clinical. What impressed me the most was the “action items” – including survey’s to take, a list of warning signs to help the reader judge if they are in need of immediate emotional support and an amazing wealth of useful strategies.

Many personal accounts are embedded in this book. The author recently spoke to me about and noted that infertility is a “team effort” and that the most important element in the process is, “How can you get to your goal”.

On Fertile Ground is available onAmazon.

In closing, the doctors of HRC Fertility Rancho Cucamonga are here to guide patients through the infertility diagnostic and treatment process. Please discuss with our team any special concerns or requests for additional information. In addition to books available, we also have a website full of information and links to external sources. This particular link will bring you directly to our contact information.


Disclaimer: This blog was written by Louise Sattler. The opinions are her own.

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