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Exercise Tips to Improve Wellness

Do this.. Wait, No, do that! There are so many “do’s and don’ts” on exercise and fertility. Here are some general guidelines for you follow; editing out the myths, and simply offering sound information, while you are working on conception.

We are always told ‘everything in moderation” for better health and nutrition. In this case, this holds true.  Your body needs a healthy body fat percentage, to aid the pregnancy. Being excessively overweight, or underweight, will hinder the success of a pregnancy. Work with your doctor to find a healthy range for you using the body mass index. Research shows a range between 18.5 to 24.9 is associated with optimal reproductive function. Harvard studies have shown that 12% the under body mass index guidelines have challenges conceiving, while over 25% of those over the 24.9 range, have difficulties becoming pregnant. While the BMI can only offer a general range, a more specific way of achieving the body fat percentage is having an exercise physiologist or certified personal trainer, perform a skinfold -caliper test.

Now, how do you begin a program if you are new to exercise. Having a healthy body prior to conception will support the early and crucial fetal development phase. Generally speaking, your body will be a reflection of your baby’s health. Additionally, a healthy body will be more manageable to deal with the excess weight of your core.  

Speak with your doctor and share what exercise activities excite you enough to stay motivated before and during and when given medical clearance, after the pregnancy. Choose a variety and indoor and outdoor so that the weather does not hinder your success.  

If you are currently exercising at a high intensity level, you may need to pull back the vigor of your workouts. Exercise IS stress. It is imperative to work out at a level in which one keeps her menstrual cycle. Studies have shown that working out at a “moderate” range is best. Obstetrics and Gynecology, have concluded, that women who exercise 30 minutes or more at a moderate level, have a reduced risk of infertility due to ovulation disorders.

Swimming offers a low impact on the body workout, which is gentle on the joints, it is also very calming for the extra benefit of stress reduction. Choosing a workout that strengthen the “core and back” has additional benefits as your baby bump grows, offering support for your posture and strength of your “girdle,” as well as better balance. I personally enjoyed yoga for pregnancy classes. Look for certified programming in your area for there are movement restrictions, as you progress in your pregnancy.

Walking is free! Cardio aids in your endurance as your prepare for your baby! Ensure you are wearing properly fitted fitness walking shoes to protect your joints from injury. Always perform a warm up, walk and then cool down with a gentle stretch.

Do not focus on the scale! Let your doctor be your guide. Relax, prepare and enjoy the steps towards a healthy and happy pregnancy!

Jennifer Ettinger is our guest blogger and a well known Fitness & Lifestyle Expert, founder of Fit Your Style, TV & Radio and #SocialTV Host, Best Selling author of “ Find Your Inner Goddess” mentoring women to become body confidence beautiful and learn to love the body you were born in!

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