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The HRC Fertility Blog is a resource for patients and those seeking infertility related issues and articles. Check back often or subscribe to this blog as it is changed weekly by the HRC staff.

End of the Year Review with Rancho Cucamonga!

We hope you enjoy our HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga year in review video!  What a wonderful time capsule of the past year! A warm thank you to all who contributed with photos.  We look forward to making many more happy memories together in 2015! 

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Happy Holidays to all from HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga!


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APPLE and FACEBOOK Announce Healthcare Employee Plans to Include Egg Freezing and Storage Benefits

Norian MD 2014 sm

Plus: Our Dr. Norian interviewed about why this is welcome news!

The tide is turning in the health insurance world.  Starting January 1, 2015 two powerhouse corporations – APPLE and FACEBOOK will start offering to their employees new benefits to cover egg freezing (Up to $20,000).  Here at HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga we are applauding this bold corporate policy change and although some are claiming it is a perk to keep employees happy, we would like to think it is the start of a new trend!

While both APPLE and FACEBOOK have not made many comments to the press since their initial announcement, APPLE did send the following to ABC NEWS.

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Breast Cancer & Fertility

Maimah and Noelle

"But I Wanted to Be a Mommy"

by Maimah Karmo

I never expected to hear that at the age 32 a doctor say I had breast cancer.  No one expects or wants to hear that they are now a statistic- someone with breast cancer - but when you are in the prime of your life and in the middle of your child -bearing years, it can be devastating.  I found the lump when I was 31, had a mammogram, but was told that the lump was only a cyst, and I was "too young to have breast cancer".  I was given many reasons – “not to worry”.   Yet I remained insistent that something was “not right” and I strongly requested for a breast biopsy to be performed. It was then that I found out the unfathomable, as I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, and my life would be forever changed.  

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 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Do I have PCOS

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Welcome a new Arrival to Rancho Cucamonga!

Rancho Baby
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Reduce Stress With Relaxation Techniques

 By Lori Lite

Reducing stress can help you to relax, be more hopeful, regain energy, and optimize your fertility treatments.

Unraveling the reasons for a couples’ fertility can be a long process. From the first interviews and consultations through the various tests until the (hopeful) arrival of a baby – the road can be filled with difficult challenges – hence increasing the stress level of the individuals involved and the couple.  

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How to Optimize Your Family’s Finances

Cute couple
money jar smaller size

Infertility is expensive. There is no way to sugar coat the reality that many people need to be creative with their financing in regard to becoming pregnant. Yet, after the couple becomes a family of three (or more) – there often is a voi with saving for the future.   To help with that discussion - HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga enlisted blogger, Margaret McSweeney, to discuss the “next steps” of saving for your family.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture just released a report during August 2014 about how much money is spent on raising kids. Some report over $250,000 per child! (Not including college expense.)

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Music and the Unborn Baby

Music in color


By Dara Blaker, radio and media personality


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Tafton, A success story well worth waiting for

Tafton mom


Katie S., a hairstylist in Lake Elsinore, CA, and her husband tried

to conceive for 6 years—with no success.

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Jn and JMN
RC office
Img 007 Cropped group photo of JMN team smaller
HRC Rancho Ribbon Cutting smaller
frist baby
Baby boy


They say that time flies when you’re having fun. Our staff at HRC Fertility Rancho Cucamonga would like to add that time flies when you’re doing what you love - helping build families by making baby dreams come true!

          It’s incredible to think that we have been helping build families for a year. In honor of our one-year anniversary, here is a look back of the highlights - including some of your most requested pictures - our newest baby alumni!

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Exercise Tips to Improve Wellness

Do this.. Wait, No, do that! There are so many “do’s and don’ts” on exercise and fertility. Here are some general guidelines for you follow; editing out the myths, and simply offering sound information, while you are working on conception.

We are always told ‘everything in moderation” for better health and nutrition. In this case, this holds true.  Your body needs a healthy body fat percentage, to aid the pregnancy. Being excessively overweight, or underweight, will hinder the success of a pregnancy. Work with your doctor to find a healthy range for you using the body mass index. Research shows a range between 18.5 to 24.9 is associated with optimal reproductive function. Harvard studies have shown that 12% the under body mass index guidelines have challenges conceiving, while over 25% of those over the 24.9 range, have difficulties becoming pregnant. While the BMI can only offer a general range, a more specific way of achieving the body fat percentage is having an exercise physiologist or certified personal trainer, perform a skinfold -caliper test.

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Summer Bouquet: Colorful and Nutritious Recipes

Jars of Veggies
Chicken Yummy

 Note: Frequently we address diet and wellness concerns with our patients, including those with the diagnosis of PCOS.  Therefore, we are offering this article to help provide healthy AND tasty ideas for summer meals and snacks! Notice that many are made from ingredients that can be fresh from the garden!  As a hint - when trying to maintain a healthy diet “eat a rainbow of colors” - seek out foods with natural color (such as carrots and broccoli )  and try to reduce the amount of white and brown foods (like sugars and starches).  Bon appetite!

Summer is a delicious season with beautiful and bountiful produce.  Enjoy this seasonal freshness with convenient snacks and as essential ingredients in your meals.

Since healthy snacks are important, why not make them decorative and simple?  Slice whole carrots and celery and put them inside Ball jars.  Then, fill the jars with water, twist on the lids and place them in an easy to reach area inside your refrigerator.  Now when you get the munchies, you have access to an inviting and delicious snack that you can pair with peanut butter or hummus.

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The Challenge of Father’s Day with Infertility

If youre a man with infertility, Fathers Day can be difficult. Heres how to keep perspective on the good things in life.

When popular movies, shows, and other media depict people pining to have a baby, and sad about the fact that they don’t have one, let’s face it — it’s most often a woman. But the reality is that men face many of the same desires and emotions when it comes to having children — and they experience a similar sadness when infertility robs them of that opportunity.

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Testicular Cancer and Fertility: Will I Still Be Able To Have Kids?

Norian Bamboo 2.27.13


Testicular Cancer and Fertility:

Will I Still Be Able To Have Kids?

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How to Survive Mother’s Day


by Jennifer Bright Reich

When you really want something in life, it’s hard not to think about it all of the time. If something isn’t going quite right, like trying to have a baby, you stare so hard at the empty hole in your life that you can’t see the “doughnut” of everything else that is going right.

            An especially difficult time for people struggling with infertility is Mother’s Day. As if you needed a reminder that you want so badly to be a mother but it’s eluding you.

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Step by Step

Rancho offer
Baby Boy Stacie

Stacie Krajchir, an HRC Fertility patient and advocate for fertility awareness, recently was interviewed and stated that her first foray in to the “world of infertility” was scary and shameful.  She described, with much passion, how she originally thought that the first meet and greet with the fertility staff would be “easy” and that her expectations included that she would be given a simple “to do list” and snap she would become pregnant. Easy as pie!

A simple solution for Stacie’s infertility was not the case and in many of our patients the path to infertility is not just one or two, but many steps. We understand that the process is full of a whole host of emotions for all the patients who walk through our Rancho Cucamonga office doors. Scary. Shameful. Embarrassed. Sadness. Grief. And, we hope in eventuality – Happiness!

That is why we celebrate the small successes along the journey to parenthood with you and in praise of YOU!

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RESOLVE – the National Infertility Association has celebrated, educated and resolved to increase awareness about infertility for 25 years. This year, they are focusing on the educational component of their association during  National Infertility Awareness Week – April 20-26th.

RESOLVE has selected the theme – “Resolve to know more” in order to enlighten their audience about fertility options and how to self-advocate. They have outlined the following as their benchmark “resolutions”:

Resolve to know more about when to see a fertility specialist. Resolve to know more about all your family building options.   Resolve to know more about infertility advocacy.  Resolve to know more about the latest treatment options. Resolve to know more about the disease of infertility.  Resolve to know more about adoption.

In order to help individuals learn about more, RESOLVE has also offered a full educational component to their website.  HRC of Rancho Cucamonga will be supporting the efforts of RESOLVE by posting much information on our social media platforms and website.  We hope that you will help to amplify their message by retweeting and reposting, as you wish.

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Keeping a Blended Family Together Despite Infertility


by Jennifer Bright Reich

18 percent. According to the US Census Bureau, thats the percentage of children with two parents living in a blended family.

            If “typical” families feel stressed on a daily basis then blending of two families can be stress X exponential factors!

            “People expect re-marriage and combining families to be a honeymoon and go really well and often they are surprised when it doesnt,” says Ava Parnass, MSN, CS, a child psychotherapist. “Blending a family can take five years.”  

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How to Survive Infertility’s Toll on Relationships –

An Interview with Dr. Wielenga, from The Counseling Kitchen

by Jennifer Bright Reich

It all sounded so simple in the playground song: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Mommy with a baby carriage.” 

            Back in those innocent days, we didnt think about—let alone sing about—infertility. It catches us unaware, unprepared. Infertility causes stress on a person, and it causes strain on a relationship.

            “Infertility is really hard on a relationship, for many reasons,” says Lateefah Wielenga, PhD, a couples communication specialist and author of The Honey Jar: Tips and tools for couples seeking ways for honest, authentic communication, in Long Beach, CA.   She continues to say, “Infertility strains relationships because men and women handle the situation and the stress so differently. Infertility can cause men to feel like a failure, and it can make them want to blame someone else—likely the woman. They can become frustrated and angry.”

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