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Traveling Patients

HRC Fertility makes it as easy as possible for patients to travel to California for fertility treatments. We are extremely adept at working with patients remotely while they are being monitored by fertility clinics close to their homes. With communication methods such as phone, email and Skype, international patients do not have to come to California to see if they are candidates for treatment — or even to start their treatment.

At HRC Fertility, we work to accommodate the patient’s needs and keep treatment as simple and straightforward as possible. HRC manages the entire treatment cycle from the beginning to the end of the first trimester by utilizing resources close to the patient, with the patient coming to California during key points of their treatment, and then returning home. It’s a simple process that is not too intrusive upon our patients.

Treatment Schedule

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations can be done over the phone or Skype.  A physician will call the patient to discuss their medical history and treatment options. After the phone consultation, a fertility nurse will get in touch with the patient and find a monitoring clinic close to the patient’s home where some of the basic fertility tests can be performed. If there is no fertility clinic close to the patient, HRC will work with gynecologists and radiologists to obtain the needed tests. Each patient will have a single fertility doctor and single fertility nurse to work with.

Starting Treatment

Patients will start treatment at their local physician’s office. HRC has worked with many out-of-town patients and has coordinated their initial testing and cycle monitoring with their local physicians’ offices with great success. Most medications can be purchased from the patient’s local pharmacy or shipped if they are not available locally.

Egg Retrieval and Embryo Transfer

Patients will travel to California for approximately 7-10 days for an egg retrieval and embryo transfer. When the patient’s eggs are ready, an egg retrieval will be scheduled and the embryos will be grown in a laboratory for approximately five days. After the egg retrieval, patients and their families have time to enjoy the sights and activities in California before returning to HRC for the embryo transfer. After the embryo transfer, the patient will stay in California for one more night. After that, it is safe for patients to return home where they will be monitored with blood tests for hormone levels and ultrasounds to check the growth of the fetus for the first trimester. 


Cabs & Limo service

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    Servicing Los Angeles, Ontario-Pomona Valley, San Fernando Valley, Riverside County and San Bernardino County

We are proud to report that as a result of our treatments several thousand babies have been born across the United States and around the world.