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The Night Before Christmas turned into an Infertility Success Story

The Night Before Christmas  turned into an Infertility Success Story

By Dara Blaker from


‘Twas the day of your birth

What a trip it has been.

I’ll tell you the story,

But where to begin?

We tried and we tried,

But no baby was had.

We cried and we prayed

We were even quite mad.


We didn’t know what to do

Or know where to turn.

But persistence pays off

Of this we will learn.

We found a great Doc

Who knew what to do.

We both took some tests

And filled out a form…or two.


Many paths we could take

But what’s best for us?

Decisions to make

In my Doc I will trust.

I learn some new terms

Like IUI and IVF,

Freezing the eggs

Those words made me laugh.


There are meds that can help

And donated sperm

Even surrogate mothers

If there I must turn.

It was a comfort to know

That it wasn’t just me.

It’s quite common to deal with



With the help of our Doc

We tried a few things.

It feels really great

NOT to see what fate brings.

Surgery was an option

I actually didn’t need.

A few cycles of IVF

And that did the deed.


So many choices

So much we CAN do.

It took us some time

But along, well, came you.

Today you were born

And I hear your first cries.

Gently I hold you

And look deep in your eyes.


I cry tears of joy.

Thank you HRC Fertility

We now are here with our happy,

growing family.

About the author

Dara Blaker is a radio personality and the host of Dara on Radio.  The photo is of the author holding her then infant daughter, Olivia.

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