Recently, HRC Fertility of Pasadena filmed a series of new fertility videos to supplement the already extensive catalog available to viewers via YouTube. New to our playlist are videos that discuss updates on current fertility technologies, introductions and a bit of “trivia” about our physicians, explanations about new treatments, plus so much more!

We understand that many prospective and current patients may have a host of questions regarding fertility treatments, our facility and options they may have to ameliorate infertility. It seems that reproductive medicine is changing at a rapid pace and we are trying our best to keep our clientele informed. This is why we are dedicated to keeping our video series current for YOU!


We also are keenly aware that the vernacular used in infertility treatment discussions can be confusing. Acronyms and terms unfamiliar to most people are generously used in the reproductive world! That is why we made videos that explain terms and also give additional information to help the viewer have a greater understanding about our services and the reproductive medicine in general. Our videos cover topics such as PCOS, IVF success rates and options, Gender Selection, Surrogacy, International Patient options and Testimonials.


HRC Fertility of Pasadena has exceptional physicians who provide the utmost care. (Yes we are proud of our award winning doctors and staff and not shy to say so!) We want any patient who walks through our doors to feel comfortable during an appointment instead of feeling anxious our awkward.   We feel that the more you know about our facility, and our physicians- Dr. Kolb, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Wilcox, the more likely you will relax and be able to feel at ease to ask questions and relay information.


We hope that you will connect with us to learn more about our HRC Fertility of Pasadena services via our website or social media pages. And, of course we invite you to view all of our videos, including the newest ones listed below! This link will bring you directly to the YouTube page with all of our videos!


Now go ahead and grab that bucket of healthy popcorn! Enjoy!

        Photo: 2013 HRC Fertility of Pasadena Baby Anniversary Celebration Video

       Photo: 2013 HRC Fertility of Pasadena Baby Anniversary Celebration Video


HRC Pasadena Baby Anniversary Party videoclick here.

Meet the Physicians of HRC Fertility of Pasadena:

Meet Dr Bradford. Kolb

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Nelson

Meet Dr. John Wilcox

Topic Videos:

Gender Selection:

IVF Success Rates:

Fertility for Same Sex Couples

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS

HRC Fertility Pasadena International patients

Intrauterine Insemination- IUI

In Vitro Fertilization - IVF

Egg Donation, IVF and Surrogacy

Egg Freezing IVF and Surrogacy

New Technology

Acknowledgements: HRC Fertility of Pasadena videos are available on YouTube for equal access and filmed by Corp Shorts.

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