Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Test

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Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Test Offered at HRC Fertility - Encino

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive care to patients undergoing evaluation and treatment of infertility, HRC Fertility Encino is proud to announce that the X-ray dye test known as a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is now available!

What is an HSG Test?

The HSG test is an integral part of an initial infertility evaluation.  The test determines if a woman’s fallopian tubes are open and evaluates the uterus to rule out the presence of abnormalities including, fibroids, polyps, congenital anomalies, or scar tissue.  Even women who intend to undergo IVF may need this test, as it has been shown that certain types of tubal blockage, as well as the uterine conditions mentioned above can significantly lower success rates.

The test involves inserting a soft balloon-tipped catheter into the uterus.  With fluoroscopic visualization, iodine-based dye is slowly injected into the uterus.  The dye outlines the shape of the uterus, revealing any structural abnormalities that might be present.  The dye then enters the tubes, hopefully showing that they are open (patent).

Who performs the HSG test?

The test is usually performed by a radiologist, often in a hospital setting.  While they do a fine job, this can be a cold and impersonal experience for the patient.  On occasion, the radiologist may have difficulty inserting the soft catheter through the cervix, which can be painful or result in cancellation of the procedure.  At HRC Fertility Encino, the test will be performed by one of our board-certified reproductive endocrinologists and local anesthesia can be given to reduce the pain of the procedure.

Is sedation necessary or available for this test?

Some women experience some pain from the manipulation of the cervix and the distension of the uterus.  Unfortunately, the pain from the uterus cannot be totally eliminated, but it is short in duration, and for most it is the equivalent to a strong menstrual cramp.  For women who are concerned about this, or have had a previously difficult experience with the test, conscious sedation can be provided by licensed anesthetists is available for a small additional fee.

It is important for women electing conscious sedation to not eat or drink ANYTHING for 8 hours prior to the schedule procedure.  Other women do not have to restrict their diet that day.  Antibiotic use is not routine, but your ordering physician may request it. 

Patients who have insurance coverage should bring their insurance information with them.  The test only takes a few minutes, and the total time at the office should be an hour or less.  Women who have not had conscious sedation can drive afterwards.  Conscious sedation patients will require a ride home.  They should not drive or participate in any activities that require mental acuity until the next day.

The doctors of HRC Fertility Encino look forward to providing this service to the community and hope to make it as pleasant an experience as possible!

We are proud to report that as a result of our treatments several thousand babies have been born across the United States and around the world.