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This Couple Used an Egg Donor (and Dr. Jane Frederick) to Expand Their Family

Amy, a 48-year old marketing executive, and her second husband Diego were eager to give their young daughter a sibling, but were unable to conceive naturally.

Recommended to Dr. Jane Frederick, the couple underwent one round of IVF to see if Amy could produce any of her own eggs. When she couldn't, Amy recalls, "We were disappointed because we'd been so hopeful, but Dr. Frederick was also hopeful that egg donation might be a solution."

Within a week, the couple was matched with a donor. Out of the four viable fertilized eggs, they chose a male embryo and became pregnant on their first donor cycle. Amy gave birth to little brother Sam last March.

Sound easy? Not necessarily. Amy definitely had second thoughts about using an egg donor. “In the back of my mind I feared I might feel differently about a child not genetically related to me,” Amy says. “But those concerns immediately evaporated when Sam was born.”

Overall, Amy also feels she had an amazing experience with Dr. Frederick and her team, and applauds her entire staff for being great communicators, educators and problem solvers who were always available.

“We felt cared for from the first appointment until after we delivered our baby,” Amy adds. “Diego and I always felt that we were partners working together to achieve our goal. We will always consider Dr. Frederick Sam’s first doctor.”

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