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Music , Relaxation and Fertility

I’m really excited to be partnering with HRC Fertility of Pasadena to talk about something that is a huge part of my life.  Music.  I’ve been involved in music for as long as I can remember and I’ve been teaching music for the past 20 years. I teach everything from pre-natal and preschool classes to private lessons for various instruments.  I also compose and record music.

Did you ever try to remember something and you just can’t?  And then later, what you were trying so hard to remember just comes to you when you aren’t even thinking about it.  What does this have to do with music, you ask?  And what can it possibly have to do with fertility?

It comes down to one word.

Relaxation.  When the mind is relaxed, the body is relaxed.  When the body is relaxed, things happen.  That’s when what you were trying recall finally comes to you, because you allowed your mind to function with appropriate time and space.  There are several strategies that can help you relax to allow this mind/body connection to happen a little more quickly.   Music  is one “tool” that can create an experience to allow mind/body relaxation.  There are so many ways music can affect the body, both stimulating it and soothing it.  It is something that can be both experienced in a passive and active way. 

I find that playing and writing music is quite cathartic and listening back to what I’ve created is nothing short of magical. To help you relax and have quiet reflection, a music video featuring my piano piece, SERENITY,  is included in this article.  To receive a pdf version of this music simply connect with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  ( I am more than happy to share this pdf with other piano players and friends of HRC Pasadena)



Our heart rate follows drum patterns and speeds up or slows down accordingly.  Certain frequencies or pitches vibrate different parts of our bodies.  Lower pitches tend to vibrate our more personal areas.  There are doctors and healers that use various tuning forks to vibrate different acupuncture points on the body.  It’s really amazing what sound can do and how it truly affects us.


Listening to classical music is a great way to connect to a beautiful melody while allowing the body and mind to be calm.  Physicians have long stated that stress can impact wellness and fertility. Therefore,  I’ll offer a few suggestions of music which I feel can help be calming and create an atmosphere for a person to unwind.  There are symphonies that have full orchestras, concertos that feature a solo instrument over an orchestra, sonatas which are for a solo instrument and many, many other types of pieces.


·         From the baroque time period, I like Bach.  Give a listen to the Brandenburg Concertos.  I promise, they won’t disappoint. 


·         From the classical period, you can’t go wrong with Mozart.  It’s been proven that cows give more milk and children get higher test scores while listening to Mozart.  It has something to do with Fibonacci ratios and proportions, but I won’t get into all of that now.  You can go to your local library or online music source and check out some Mozart.  See what you like. 


·         Eric Satie has a beautiful piece called “Gymnopodie No. 1”.  This is one of my all-time favorites both to listen to and to play.  And, in the same vein, “Meditation” from Thais is gorgeous.


·         From the Romantic period, I absolutely recommend Chopin.  Listen to his “Raindrop Prelude”.  I call it classical jazz.  He uses chords and combinations that you would never hear in Bach or Mozart.  Robert Schumann has also written some beautiful piano music, much of which was performed by his wife Clara.


·         Lastly, from the Impressionists, I give you Debussy.  His  Children’s Corner collection was inspired by his own daughter. Each piece represents something that kids do.  If you are trying to get pregnant, what better music to be inspired to conceive?




 Find what music calls to you.  Explore new genres, instruments and artists.  There is a big world of music - both old and new just waiting for you.  Sit back, dim the lights, relax and remember to breathe.Dara Blaker


 About the author and composer:

Dara Blaker is a musician, small business owner and entrepreneur. 

As part of the 411 Voices Media Network, Dara hosts a radio show called Dara…On Radio; Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it all.  Through audio interviews and blogposts, Dara…On Radio shows how celebrities and other fascinating people are living their dreams through their creative pursuits, and the importance of understanding the business end of it.

In addition to running her music business Colour Me Music, Dara is also a voice actor who does narration, character voices and ADR lip sync for foreign films being dubbed into English.  Presently, she is also developing an animated television series with her husband and daughter.

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Dara Blaker’s music video was created in conjunction with 411 VOICES. Music, Serenity, by Dara Blaker, All Rights Reserved

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