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Dr. Jane Frederick speaks on "Weight and Obesity When Trying to Get Pregnant"

Dr. Jane FrederickWeight can seriously affect a couple's chance of getting pregnant. Twelve percent of all infertility issues are weight related and being overweight and/or underweight has unique consequences for men and women. The goal of fertility specialists is to understand the relationship between weight and infertility with each fertility patient and then working to eliminate non-disease factors. Obesity impacts conceiving naturally and your IVF treatments. 

Obesity has also and has been associated with the following early pregnancy loss after IVF, a decreased pregnancy rate, decreased fertilization, higher gonadotropin requirements and an impaired response to gonadotropins.

When reviewing fertility issues, couples must factor in the length of time they have been trying to conceive, their age, weight and lifestyle. Many factors contribute uniquely to each patient and couple. There are a significant number of obese women who suffer from fertility issues. This could be because of irregular periods and frequently anovular (non-ovulatory) menstrual cycles. A large percentage of obese patients suffer from PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) a disorder commonly associated with obesity.

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