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Dr. Daniel Potter traveled to London to discuss gender selection!

As a strong advocate for reproductive freedom and equality (including compensated egg donation, compensated surrogacy, single parenting and same sex parenting) Dr. Potter is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest pregnant rates in a warm and caring atmosphere.  Dr. Daniel Potter has noticed a 20% increase in patients from the IK every year.  To help meet this growing demand Dr. Daniel Potter traveled to UK bringing awareness through seminars and new consutaltions to discuss the process of gender selection for international patients; including the science, logistics and cost, as well as the ethical aspects of gender selection and the legal challenges faced by UK gender selection proponents.

Dr. Daniel Potter is nationally and internationally recognized for his expertise in the areas of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for gender selection. To date, patients have traveled from all 50 US states and 74 different countries to seek care with Dr. Potter for these services.

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