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Dr. Daniel Potter's Patient Jayne Cornwill shares her story with The Sydney Morning Herald!

Dr. Daniel Potter has helped more than 1000 Australian couples bring their dreams to life through gender selection.   In this story Dr. Potter's patient Jayne Cornwill tells her story to The Sydney Morning Herald.  After having three boys, she still longed for a little girl.  She discusses having "gender disappointment" and how that affected her.  Jayne Cornwill

She states "I'm not alone in going to such lengths to have a daughter. Dr Daniel Potter, the US fertility specialist who treated us, has helped more than 1000 Australian couples "gender balance" their families. When we visited his clinic, HRC Fertility in Newport Beach, during our 16-day stay, we met 14 other Aussie couples in the waiting room, many of them too frightened to tell their friends or family why they were really visiting California".

To read more about her story click here!

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