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CELEBRATING VALENTINE’S DAY DESPITE INFERTILITY                                                                                               

Valentine’s Day is usually a time of year when we honor our loved ones by sharing flowers, chocolates or a nice special celebration. For couples, romance is supposed to be the theme of the day.   Single people may start the day hoping to have a day of romance with their special someone.


Valentine’s Day can be a day of starting a new relationship, nurturing an existing one or finding joy in the single life!




… when one is struggling with infertility or in the midst of active fertility treatments which can “squash” any intention of romance during Valentine’s Day.


For those who may not be able or in the mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day “traditionally” we offer the following:


1- A Staycation! While infertility treatments may mean that you have to stay close to home, consider taking a few hours to enjoy the local sites in your own backyard! The Southern California area is full of attractions, many free or fairly inexpensive. Not sure where to start on finding a staycation idea – go here to Amazon Local for local ideas and deals! Or, just stay home and treat yourself to a bubble bath and candlelight dinner!


2- Invite friends over for a game night. Sometimes a night out with friends where everyone brings potluck can result in just what the doctor ordered- laughter! Perhaps try a board game that is unfamiliar- like Apples to Apples. Or go “old school” with Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit or even TWISTER!


Consider inviting your single friends who may otherwise be staying at home during this holiday, too! Don’t forget to have healthy snacks in lieu of junk food – you will feel better in the morning because you did!


3. Movie Night. A movie marathon with popcorn, of course, is another way to bring a couple close on the sofa and perhaps ignite a Valentine’s Day spark! Looking for romantic movies to help set the mood? US Magazine has created a list of the most romantic movies as rated by their readers and moviegoers! Click here to view

It probably will be no surprise that THE NOTEBOOK made the list!

The Notebook


But what if…


What happens if the stress of infertility is making you want to skip Valentine’s Day all together? What if you are too sad and seem to have a pervasive sense of grief? Consider consulting with your physician to rule out any signs of depression or for information on how to help alleviate stress. Remember also to check with your fertility specialist about   what is a good level of “activity” during any protocol phase (You may have to forgo that game of TWISTER).


And, know that here at HRC Pasadena we hope that this time next year a little one will be keeping you too busy to even realize it is Valentine’s Day!



About the author:


Louise Sattler is a Psychologist who loves all kinds of celebrations, especially ones involving flowers, chocolate and loved ones!




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