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An interview with Stacie Krajchir- former HRC Fertility of Pasadena Patient

Stacie Krajchir-Tom  is known in  television as a producer, a public relations expert and now a former infertility patient of HRC Fertility of Pasadena.  In this two - part article we will be learning from Stacie how she tip-toed in to the world of infertility with great caution only to end her journey successfully! Her experiences have inspired her to help others build their families and pull back the curtain on infertility!  Stacie will be speaking  at the Fertility PlanIt Conference scheduled for April 4-5, 2014.  She invites all of you to join her!  



Stacie Krajchir-Tom felt that she arrived to the parenthood party a bit “too late” but wasn’t worried as during her college days she was an IVF egg donor and deemed to have “juicy eggs”.  She figured the eggs would still be healthy, ready and waiting for the right time.  But, after meeting her husband, Kristopher Tom, via in her 40’s, the thought of starting a family was now in the forefront and her journey in to parenthood was being impeded – but by what?

After three miscarriages, no real direction from her gynecologist and a sense of hopelessness, Stacie and Kris realized that getting pregnant at forty was not going to be without challenges.  At the time Stacie was busy working with lifestyle brands and strangely found herself in the same place as fertility specialist who took an interest in her case.  After a bit of discussion her new informative friend insisted on the couple connecting with HRC Fertility in Pasadena

Convinced that this was karma working in their favor, Stacie and Kris made their first appointment and prepared to meet with Dr. Kolb . Their expectations were  that they would be given a list of quick fix instructions with a successful pregnancy to be the result shortly after.

 Reality took hold as the couple soon discovered that with  infertility there is no “quick fix”. Stacie and Kris met with Dr. Kolb and within five minutes realized that becoming pregnant would not be an easy task and that there was no “medical magic”.  Dr. Kolb started out by voicing realistic success numbers and wanted to start Stacie on a treatment course for  IVF.  But, Stacie had another idea – she knew she could get pregnant and had juicy eggs,- after all-   so she requested alternatives.  Dr. Kolb agreed to try some options, first – including IUI – intrauterine insemination (IUI).  

Now for the reality check. First, there were many tests and then more tests. Kris endured sperm analysis testing only to find out that he produced “super sperm”.  Much to their surprise they were given the opportunity to see the super swimmers in action via video!   And, Stacie was given a prescription of birth control pills to start  her portion of the process.  “Are you crazy!”, she yelled at Natalie, Dr. Kolb’s nurse! Yet, after a heart to heart with “phenomenal” Natalie, she took the prescription and began the   getting ready for her IUI.  All the pieces were in place for her to now undergo fertility treatment , but there was one more hurdle!  Fibroids were found and needed to be removed prior to any IUI could take place. Once the fibroids were removed they were back on course for IUI with cautious optimism!

But, then there was a phone call that would lead to a tug of her heart.  Two incredible dreams coming true at once … what would Stacie and Kris decide?

Stay tuned for part two!

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