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A Baby Girl for Jayne Cornwill!

Dr. Daniel Potter's patient Jayne Cornwill tells The Sydney Morning Herald about her journey to have a little girl.  She dreamed of having a girl and after having three boys her wishes came true with the help of Dr. Daniel Potter and HRC. Click here to read the full story! Jayne Cornwill

You can also watch Mrs. Cornwill's live interview on the Today Show is Sydney.  After having three boys Mrs. Cornwill began to feel gender disappointment.  Which according to senior psychologist, Dr Di Mc Greal, in Melbourne tells Daily Mail Australia that patients with gender disappointment is increasing and more are dealing with it on their own. She also goes on to mention that in severe cases of gender disappoinment a mother will mourn and grieve for the rest of their life. Dr. Mc Greal feels that mothers should't feel like they're alone because this is common and mothers should not feel guilty for wanting a different sex of their baby. To read more click here.


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