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Pgd/ivf Gender selection cost /risk/success/age limit

I'm 36 years old with a three-year-old daughter, and am currently pregnant with a second daughter. I want to use IVF with PGD for gender selection as we'd like to have a boy to complete our family. How much is the total cost of IVF/PGD, including medicine? Is it possible to use sperm sorting prior to injecting sperm to fertilize eggs so we have a better chance of male embryos, and is there any h...

Shared Risk

Do you offer any kind of shared risk programs? I have had 2 failed IVF cycles. Thank You...

Recurrent miscarriages

Dear doctor, I have had 2 miscarriages last year. First one was a chemical pregnancy and second one fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks ( we saw the heartbeat but it was measuring small and after 2 weeks nothing could be seen. I did some labs and here are my results> Day 3; AMH 4.84ng/ml, FSH 6.1 miu/ml, lh 2.6 miu/ml, estradiol 50 pg/ ml. Any treatment do you recommend ? Thanks...


I have uterine fibroids and a enlarged uterus according to the last ultrasound I had done. Should I consult with my regular OB/GYN before I try IVF or can the doctors at HCR fertility treat my condition before attempting IVF?...

ivf cost and chances

Hi - My husband and I have a lot of questions about the IVF procedure, especially how much would it cost? Is it possible be possible that my insurance company will cover the procedure even though we currently living in Washington state? Most important, what are the chances of getting pregnant after this procedure? I'm 29 yrs old and my husband is 57. He had a vasectomy several years ago, and alrea...

Microarray for specific micro duplication before IVF

Hi, I am a 37 year old women with a daughter who is 18 months old. Because of a health problem, my daughter did a Microarray that indicated a microduplication that is highly unlike to be significant. Still,l it generated lots of anxiety in our family. Is it possible to test for this specific microduplication before the IVF (microarray)? How much it would approximately cost? Thank you!...

Missed polyp

I had a miscarriage in March of 2017. During the beginning of March through May, I had multiple vaginal ultra sounds. None of the Vaginal US showed a Uterine polyp. Today 11/06/17 I had a Femvue done and the Dr. N found a Cervial polyp and a uterine polyp. Why weren’t these polyps found in the previous vag US I had? Could this 1 cm uterine polyp be one of the many reasons I had a miscarriage?...

Over 50

I am 57 and my husband is 59. We underwent fertility treatments in 2005 with my eggs (I was 45). We were unsuccessful. Can we try now with an egg donor? We are both healthy....

Test from Scott for Dr. Chavkin

This message is for Dr. Chavkin. This is a test number 1 from Scott to see if you received the email notifying you of a new physician post. Please let me know if you receive this. Thanks for your help! Scott...


I am trying to look for a Frequently asked questions while on IVF medication. for example how a diet should be, how much excersice should I do etc.......

How common is an ectopic pregnancy?

We completed a fresh cycle about 5 months ago and it ended as an ectopic pregnancy. Now we are just finishing our 2nd cycle which is frozen and we were just advised it may be another ectopic pregnancy. To say we are frustrated is an understatement. How common is this? Can the treatment/process be changed to reduce the chance of the ectopic pregnancy happening? Is an ectopic pregnancy more common a...

Is IVF with husband's sperm possible?

Husband's sperm only less than 2% moving and less than 1% has normal shape (others all have abnormal head). DNA normal. Completed one IVF cycle with trisomy 18 fetus. Will IVF with husband's sperm be an option?...

Greater Chance of Conceiving Twins if a Twin?

Hi , my husband and I are wanting to start trying for our first baby. We really dream of having twin boys. Since I'm a twin myself. I heard it's a greater chance of conceiving twins. What treatment would you recommend and how effect is the gender selecting ? Thank you...

Tubes tied

Hello, i got a tubal ligation about 8 years ago and now i have decided that i want to have another child, i spoke to my physician and she said that IVF was what i needed to do because i would have a better chance then getting a reversal. What would the steps i would need to do? We have had a very close friend get pregnant with HRC help and have heard nothing but amazing things about your facilitie...

Costs for PGD and Embryo Transfer of frozen embryos from Australia

We are planning to undertake IVF in Australia in the coming months. We are looking at shipping frozen embryos to the US for PGD to determine gender and then immediate transfer at the clinic in the US. Can you please provide an estimate of costs for a frozen embryo transfer including PGD? I understand the shipping costs vary and we will enquire directly with carriers for an idea of these....

Estradiol E2 levels and Clomiphene for over 40 Female?

Hello, I am a 45-year-old female with history of on average 30 day cycle. Earlier this year, I found out i have a blocked fallopian tube. Given my age, we decide to proceed with IVF. In Feb 2016 I laparoscopy wherein both my tubes were cut in order to have a "clean" uterus. May 2016 I started a long term protocol (may 4 day 21) using first Arevkap to suppress pituitary gland, the...

8 yrs Post Vasectomy Questions

Hello. My husband and I would like to have one or two more children before I'm too old (I'm 38). He had a vasectomy about 8 years ago. From researching online it seems that IVF would be our only option, is that correct? If so we live in Fullerton, CA would everything be done at that office? Would it be possible to chose the gender of our baby? Would it be possible to have twins?...

Azoospermia and Clomid Use

I am a past cancer patient who received chemotherapy and cured about 25 yrs ago as a young man. Now that I am wanting to have a child naturally I find that I am producing no sperm (azoospermia). My FSH is 23, LH 8.4 and testoserone is 382. I want to use clomid or other medication first. I believe clomid would only marginally help since my FSH is high, but want to try a medication approach...

experience using embryos imported embryos as part of a gestational surrogacy arrangement?

After many traumatic years of failed IVF treatments, in Australia, we are in the very early stages of exploring gestational surrogacy in California as a pathway to becoming parents. By way of background, we have frozen embryos at a clinic in Melbourne and would prefer to export and use these (if this is possible). They were created and frozen in 2014 & 2015. Could you please advise whet...

IVF and surrogacy after endometrial cancer

Yuli In
I am a 49 year old nulliparous woman who was diagnosed with stage 1 endometrial cancer just as I was about to attempt IVF. Conservative treatment with Provera and Mirena showed no change in the histology and, in view of that, I underwent a recent hysterectomy with preservation of my ovaries. I wish to attempt IVF with donor sperm and surrogacy and was hoping that you would consider me. My antim...

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