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The Inland Empire: A Southern California Gem


I am what many consider a "newbie" to California. Born and raised on the east coast, my family recently relocated to Southern California.   Despite a full work schedule I do manage to squeeze in time to discover my new "home" and surrounding areas! Recently, I hopped in my car and drove EAST.  This was a bit unusual for me as I typically head south towards Orange County or WEST towards the ocean. But, on this occasion I set my wheels traveling the freeways eastward.



(Note: For an east coast person it is difficult to type FREEWAY instead of HIGHWAY)

There is so much to see throughout this hamlet of Southern California.  One must stop at Rancho Cucamonga, which has started to truly mushroom with development within the last few years.  Locals brag of well known spots such as The Christmas Inn,  the Victoria Cultural Center where you can hop a ride on their lovely carousel,  and The Victoria Gardens shopping and eateries - which are simply one of the loveliest shopping outdoor shopping areas I have seen (and I am a huge connensieur of all things shopping). Last, but certainly not least, the mountains! One cannot help but be in awe of the backdrop that the San Bernardino Mountain range creates all around Rancho Cucamonga and throughout the Inland Empire.

2013-09-04 16.29.48

Photo: L. Sattler

 Here are some interesting "tidbits" about the Inland Empire that I found fascinating!

1- An impressive number  of the top California higher education institutions are located here.  Cal State PolytechnicCal State San Bernardino and Claremont University are just a few.

2- There are dozens of museums to entertain and culturally enhance any visitor. Click here for a list with links

3. Medical care is par excellence here in this part of Southern California. With many well known hospitals and new medical facilities here to serve niche populations, such as those seeking fertility services.  HRC Fertility in Rancho Cucamonga  was one such office that recently opened their doors, with Dr. John Norian and Dr. Jeffrey Nelson as the center's physicians.

4. The population of the Inland Empire is very diverse, including the deaf population in Riverside County thanks to the California School for the Deaf- Riverside campus.

5. Route 66 is more fun than one should be allowed to have while driving.  I must have stopped half a dozen times to snap photos of the iconic sign which is sprinkled throughout the Inland Empire and continues all the way to the coastline of the city of  Los Angeles.

6. At one time, this area was known for agriculture with many working in the citrus, dairy and wine - making industries.  Many fine wineries  and farms continue to exist today.

I am so glad that I chose to go EAST and discovered the little gem known as the Inland Empire. I hope that others will venture Route 66, too and find their way to this beautiful area of the country.  I'll be back- that is for sure!

Learn more about the Inland Empire from these wonderful resources:

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About the Author:  Louise Sattler is a Psychologist, owner of Signing Families and social media expert.

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post.


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