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The HRC Fertility Blog is a resource for patients and those seeking infertility related issues and articles. Check back often or subscribe to this blog as it is changed weekly by the HRC staff.

Fertility Issues to Know About: PCOS and Endometriosis

Dr. Jane FrederickTrying to get pregnant month after month is not fun for anyone. And after a few months of getting busy yet failing to see that positive pregnancy test, it’s only human to start wondering what could be preventing that egg from meeting up with that sperm. Today, Dr. Jane Frederick, a reproductive endocrinologist at HRC Fertility, shares two common fertility issues that women may be facing. The good news? They won’t necessarily prevent you from getting pregnant. —Erin

Common Fertility Issues

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, known commonly as PCOS, refers to a hormone disorder affecting 3 to 10 percent of reproductive-aged women. Considered a leading cause of female infertility, PCOS reduces the ability of the ovaries to mature and release eggs into the uterus. Other reproductive symptoms of PCOS include the creation of polycystic ovaries, characterized by multiple cysts and small follicles; chronic anovulation, or an inability to ovulate; and hormonal imbalance, including high levels of the male hormone androgen.

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