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The HRC Fertility Blog is a resource for patients and those seeking infertility related issues and articles. Check back often or subscribe to this blog as it is changed weekly by the HRC staff.

Considering Future Contact With Your Egg Donor

by Richard B. Vaughn, Esq., National Fertility Law Center, July 14, 2010 - read more

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Legal Update: Gestational Carrier Arrangements

by Melissa Brisman, Esq. and Lauren Murray, Esq., July 12, 2010 - This month?s legal update highlights problems arising from international gestational carrier arrangements. A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a pregnancy...

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Nurse of the Month: Monica Moore, M.S.N, R.N.C.

Monica Moore, RMA of Connecticut, July 2010 - "Taking care of the whole patient is where my passion lies," says Monica Moore, M.S.N, R.N.C., a nurse practitioner and a nurse manager at RMA of Connecticut. During our conversation,...

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Figuring Out What Works

a blog by Ellen S. Glazer, LICSW, June 25, 2010 - Your best friend is pregnant (and you are going through infertility). You are invited to a baby shower at work. You have to spend Thanksgiving with your four cousins all of...

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Blame Nature: It's Hard to Get Pregnant!

a blog by Gina Paoletti-Falcone, RN, BSN, July 1, 2010 - One of the things I enjoy most about being an infertility nurse is being the tour guide through the mysterious world of reproduction. Sex education has focused on practicing...

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Can You Plan Passion?

by Kristen Magnacca, July 7, 2010 - Have you asked yourself how your passion to become parents brought you to such an unexpected place in your life? Or perhaps are you wondering have you lost your passion to this experience? When...

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Journey to Parenthood using Donor Eggs

by Donna Raidy, Director of Donor Case Management, The Donor SOURCE, July 6, 2010 - All intended parents have a journey to donor egg that could break the hardest of hearts. I thought I had heard just about all the stories with...

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You Know You're a Choice Mom When...

A humorous hot topic with the Choice Moms online network this week has been creating a Top 10 list, in Jeff Foxworthy fashion, of ways we can relate to each other as single women who proactively decide to build a family on our...
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You CAN be a Little Bit Pregnant

a blog by Ellen S. Glazer, LICSW, June 25, 2010 - We've all heard it, that old adage, "You can't be a little bit pregnant." It?s one of those age old truths . . . or is it? Anyone going through infertility can tell you that...
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Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad BFP?

a blog by jennandtonica, June 30, 2010 - Starting the battle with infertility is terrifying. Infertility treatments can be some of the most emotionally draining, fearsome things to go through. The scariest thing I've experienced...

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How Old Is Too Old to Have a Baby?

by Rachel Gurevich, June 29, 2010 You may have read or heard the news about a 66 year old woman who gave birth to triplets in India. The new mother has never had a child before, and was eager to become a mother. Meanwhile,...
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The IVF "Do Over"

a blog by David Kreiner, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., East Coast Fertility, June 28, 2010 -  I was at a college graduation party for Rebeka, one of the first IVF babies I ever helped create. Her parents and grandparents beamed with pride,...

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PCOS and Miscarriage

a blog by Eric Levens, M.D., Shady Grove Fertility Center, June 25, 2010 - Over the course of the last several weeks, I've been blogging about PCOS. It?s one of the most common conditions I treat. One question that comes up all...
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Desperate Housewives Actress Brenda Strong Talks Infertility with Infertile Naomi

a blog by Infertile Naomi, June 24, 2010 - I recently had the extreme pleasure of interviewing actress Brenda Strong, who, in addition to being the voice of the deceased Mary Alice Young on the hit show Desperate Housewives, is...

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Constance Marie's Long Road to Baby

by Jennifer A. Redmond, Editor-in-Chief, June 23, 2010 - Actress Constance Marie is perhaps best known for her role as Angie Lopez on the sitcom "George Lopez." She caught our attention recently for being so upfront about her...

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Fertility Eating on Vacation

by Cindy Bailey of the Fertile Kitchen®, June 18, 2010 - It's almost July which means vacation time for many. How do you stick to a fertility diet when you're away from home? Here are some suggestions. A "fertility diet" is a way...

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The Hallmark Holidays

a blog by Ellen S. Glazer, LICSW, June 17, 2010 - Oops, another one's coming: a Hallmark Holiday. These are the "holidays" invented I suspect in order to sell cards, flowers and other "stuff" we don't need. In the Spring we...

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Fertility Clinic Success Rates: 7 Things You Should Know

by Jennifer A. Redmond, Editor-in-Chief, June 17, 2010 - Each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publishes the Assisted Reproductive Technology Success Rates report, which provides a range of data related...

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Finding Your Purpose While Dealing with Infertility

 a blog by Beth Heller and Tami Quinn, Pulling Down the Moon, June 16, 2010 -  Last week, after moving for the third time in the past nine months due to a house renovation, I was feeling particularly sorry for myself. While I was...
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“Leaving” Infertility?

a blog by murgdan, June 15, 2010 - He's here. My miracle is here. I can hold him in my arms. I can touch him, feel him, and hear him breathe softly in my ear. (Or scream loudly in my ear depending on the time of day or night)....

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