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The HRC Fertility Blog is a resource for patients and those seeking infertility related issues and articles. Check back often or subscribe to this blog as it is changed weekly by the HRC staff.

April is NIAW and KTLA talks to Dr. Jane Frederick regarding infertility.

KTLA's Courtney Friel interviews Dr. Jane Frederick for infertility tips.  With this week being NIAW this a great way to help spread awareness for those trying to conceive. Please click below to watch the full interview.

April is national pregnancy awareness this week KTLA talked to Dr. Jane Frederick, with HRC Fertility, about infertilityRead more at


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Egg Donation Can Help Your Next IVF Cycle. Here’s Why

Using an egg donor is a good option for couples that are trying to conceive when their infertility is the result of the quality of the woman’s eggs. A donated egg from another woman can be the key to a successful cycle of IVF for a couple that is struggling with infertility.

An egg donor is a woman who offers the use of her eggs to be fertilized by the man’s sperm with the purpose to have the embryo implanted in the intended mother. The egg donor is the biological mother of the child, but not the birth mother. To put it simply, she provides a healthy egg for fertilization for another woman’s baby.

The use of an egg donor in infertility treatments is growing in popularity, particularly for women who are over 40. According to, 12 percent of the assisted reproductive techniques (ART) in 2005 were achieved using a donor egg in the cycle. Those numbers have likely increased over the past decade as well.

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Secondary Infertility: Do I Need Infertility Treatments?

Secondary infertility is the diagnosis when a couple is unable to conceive a child after one year of trying despite the fact that they may have conceived naturally before. Like primary infertility, it is possible to treat the condition with infertility treatments. Many couples are shocked by this diagnosis because they had no problems conceiving children in the past.

The reason for secondary infertility is as varied as those for primary infertility. Usually, the cause develops between the last pregnancy and their attempts to conceive again. Common causes can include ovarian reserve depletion, fallopian tube damage from previous delivery, changes in the ages of the parents, or the development of conditions that affect either one or both of the couple’s reproductive systems. Like primary fertility, the causes are attributed 30 percent to the woman, 30 percent to the men, and 40 percent to unexplained infertility or a combination of the couple’s problems.

The guidelines for when a couple should see a specialist for secondary infertility follow those for primary infertility. They are:

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Bloggers as Teachers

NIaw infographic

This year RESOLVE – the National Infertility Association is taking on a new spin to their National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) event schedule. They are enlisting bloggers from all over the world to participate! The theme – Resolve to know more…


This is very exciting as it allows for people who have walked the infertility road to help enlighten and educate others with their own experiences and wisdom.  Bloggers will have an opportunity to share their own words and also to amplify the writings of others who participate.  At the conclusion of the NIAW initiative, one blogger will be given the HOPE award.

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Keeping a Blended Family Together Despite Infertility


by Jennifer Bright Reich

18 percent. According to the US Census Bureau, thats the percentage of children with two parents living in a blended family.

            If “typical” families feel stressed on a daily basis then blending of two families can be stress X exponential factors!

            “People expect re-marriage and combining families to be a honeymoon and go really well and often they are surprised when it doesnt,” says Ava Parnass, MSN, CS, a child psychotherapist. “Blending a family can take five years.”  

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A dream job offer!

Opportunity knocked- twice! A dream job offer began just as she found out that she was … pregnant!  Two dreams but only one could be her focus.

Stacie didn’t hesitate as she was pregnant and over the moon happy. She gracefully backed out of the job opportunity and set her sights on becoming a Mom! I was told that, ‘I was making my first decision, as a mother!”, said Stacie.


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An interview with Stacie Krajchir- former HRC Fertility of Pasadena Patient

Stacie Krajchir-Tom  is known in  television as a producer, a public relations expert and now a former infertility patient of HRC Fertility of Pasadena.  In this two - part article we will be learning from Stacie how she tip-toed in to the world of infertility with great caution only to end her journey successfully! Her experiences have inspired her to help others build their families and pull back the curtain on infertility!  Stacie will be speaking  at the Fertility PlanIt Conference scheduled for April 4-5, 2014.  She invites all of you to join her!  

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How to Survive Infertility’s Toll on Relationships –

An Interview with Dr. Wielenga, from The Counseling Kitchen

by Jennifer Bright Reich

It all sounded so simple in the playground song: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Mommy with a baby carriage.” 

            Back in those innocent days, we didnt think about—let alone sing about—infertility. It catches us unaware, unprepared. Infertility causes stress on a person, and it causes strain on a relationship.

            “Infertility is really hard on a relationship, for many reasons,” says Lateefah Wielenga, PhD, a couples communication specialist and author of The Honey Jar: Tips and tools for couples seeking ways for honest, authentic communication, in Long Beach, CA.   She continues to say, “Infertility strains relationships because men and women handle the situation and the stress so differently. Infertility can cause men to feel like a failure, and it can make them want to blame someone else—likely the woman. They can become frustrated and angry.”

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Come check out HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga!

The doors of HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga have been officially opened for several months and we were thrilled to welcome “our” first baby this past February. As more and more families are built with a little “medical magic”, we are hoping to add more online resources. Check back frequently to this website for updates and join in with our online community family! And, of course feel free to share updates and any baby news! Reporting IVF / infertility treatment successes proves to be very inspirational to those who are in the midst of their infertility journey. Plus, we love to post pictures of your adorable babies!

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Grab the Popcorn! Time for Videos!

Recently, HRC Fertility of Pasadena filmed a series of new fertility videos to supplement the already extensive catalog available to viewers via YouTube. New to our playlist are videos that discuss updates on current fertility technologies, introductions and a bit of “trivia” about our physicians, explanations about new treatments, plus so much more!

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Read Part One

By: Juli Auclair Lipof

Making the decision to conceive again after a stillbirth can be very difficult. Some couples are ready to try immediately, while others need time to deal with the grief, intense emotional pain and physical challenges that can accompany a late term pregnancy loss.

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Welcome First Rancho baby

Congratulation to Mom and Dad! We are very excited about our newest arrival! A baby boy to spread joy. Thank you for sharing.

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By: Juli Auclair Lipof

Many couples feel a great sense of relief when they enter the second trimester of pregnancy. They’ve made it through the nerve wracking first twelve weeks, when the majority of early miscarriages happen. This is a joyous time when many couples are more comfortable sharing the news, about their bundle of joy, with family and friends. While pregnancy loss decreases dramatically after the first trimester, it unfortunately does still happen. Pregnancies lost between 12 and 20 weeks are often referred to as late miscarriages and those after 20 weeks as stillbirths.

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What to do when you Can't Pregnant - 2nd Edition in the News!

Dr. Daniel Potter and Jennifer Hanin released in Fall of 2013 their second edition of What To Do When You Can't Pregnant and received great reviews. If you would more details on how to order a copy visit their website for more details.

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Join Dr. Jeffrey Nelson on April 5th at Fertility Planit!

FertilityPlanit-LA2014 Badge SM

Dr. Jeffrey Nelson is excited to be speaking again at this year's Fertility Planit Show.  He wil be hosting a session this year with Brandon Horn discussing "Optimizing Wellness to Optimize Fertility". He is scheduled for 5pm and hopes to see you there.  Please use the link below to register with a 20% discount.

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Why Chocolate Is Good for Moderation

A healthy diet lets your reproductive system perform at its best during fertility treatment. When you are struggling to achieve conception, every little bit that you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant is a good thing. But a healthy diet does not mean that you have to give up all the treats. Experts believe that a little bit of chocolate (in moderation) can be a good thing for getting pregnant.

In general, dark chocolate tends to have more health benefits than milk chocolate, particularly if it is 70 percent cocoa content or higher. It is considered a good fat, which means that it is a kind of fat your body needs to perform at its best. In addition to the good fats found in chocolate, it also has arginine and flavonoids. Arginine is important in helping arteries relax and improving blood flow through the body. Flavonoids are antioxidants that can help the body and mind free themselves from free radicals, which are harmful to healthy cells.

Chocolate does contain caffeine, however. Because caffeine is known to increase the risks in some women for miscarriage and other conception complications, it is important to watch out for how much you get in a day. Most doctors agree that having a cup of coffee a day is not a problem for women who are trying to conceive.

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Come Get Social with HRC Fertility – RANCHO CUCAMONGA!

 Located in the Inland Empire


Our staff wish to extend an invitation for you to join our online community on a variety of social media platforms where we discuss current events, topics related to women’s health, reproduction, infertility and much more! We even sprinkle humor and inspiration.

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Come Get Social with HRC Fertility – Pasadena!

We invite you to join our online community on a variety of social media platforms where we discuss current events, topics related to women’s health, reproduction, infertility and much more! We even sprinkle humor and inspiration in our posts!



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Dr. Jeffrey Nelson at Fertility Planit

Join Dr. Jeffrey Nelson at the Fertility Planit Show on April 5th as he discusses "Optimizing Wellness to Optimize Fertility".  He really enjoyed speaking at last years event.  Please follow the link below for registration and to receive 20% discount.

FertilityPlanit-LA2014 Badge SMb2ap3_thumbnail_jn-fp-show.JPG




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VIDEO: Dr. David Tourgeman featured on Good Morning America with Dancing With the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff!


Advances in egg freezing techniques have made it possible to reliably produce babies from thawed eggs leading many women to take advantage of this opportunity to preserve their fertility. Dancing With the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff is one of those women! Karina, alongside her HRC Fertility physician Dr. David Tourgeman, discussed her decision to freeze her eggs on Good Morning America and you can catch the interview here! 



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