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The HRC Fertility Blog is a resource for patients and those seeking infertility related issues and articles. Check back often or subscribe to this blog as it is changed weekly by the HRC staff.

True Infertility Success Stories: Coping with our "Journey"

Michael and Angelique Cave were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, a common diagnosis for the millions of couples who suffer from infertility. So began the journey that would take them on a series of emotional ups and downs for the next seven and a half years.

“I found a lot of people don’t like the word ‘journey.’ It [the journey] can sometimes only be a year. But it could be the most difficult year of a man or woman’s life,” Michael explained.

The Caves started their treatment at another clinic and Michael describes his orientation to the world of infertility.

“I just remember sitting in that conference room watching a presentation. And all those people, different types of couples, reminded us of just how of how much of a problem infertility is for folks.”

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HRC Fertility's Dr. Potter Co-Authors Gender Selection Paper

The effectiveness of flow cytometric sorting of human sperm (MicroSort®) for influencing a child’s sex

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True Infertility Success Stories: Why I Chose a Surrogate This Time

D and A had two children, but they wanted three. Unfortunately, A’s uterus prevented them from attempting natural conception for their third child. Diagnosed with a heart-shaped uterus, A’s second pregnancy was traumatic, culminating in a delivery at 30 weeks and a five-week stay for their second child at NICU. For their third child, they chose to use a surrogate.

Baby feet

A gestational surrogate is a woman who is willing to carry a child for another couple. To use a gestational surrogate, couples synchronize the biological mother’s cycle with the surrogate's monthly cycle. Then the eggs can be retrieved from the mother, and fertilized in the lab by the doctor using the father's sperm. After the resulting embryos have had time to develop, the most viable one (or two) are implanted in the surrogate’s womb. While she is the birth mother, the gestational surrogate is not the biological mother.

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Dr. Daniel Potter and Dr. Jane Frederick receive Orange County Physician of Excellence Award!

Frederick MD 2014 sm
Potter MD 2014 sm

Stay tune for the April issue of the Orange County Register Magazine! Each year the Physicians of Excellence program committee honors Orange County's most noteworthy physicians and will provide the list in their April issue of the Orange County Register Magazine.


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Fertility 101 with Dr. Mickey Coffler!

Coffler MD

Tues., March 10th 6:00-7:00pmTues., April 14th 6:00-7:00pmTues., May 12th 6:00-7:00pm

Tri-City Wellness Center 6250 El Camino RealCarlsbad, CA, 92009

Dr. Mickey Coffler be holding a free Fertility 101: Exciting New Fertility Options Seminar at the Tri-City Wellness Center. All those who attend will receive a free new patient consultation.

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Dr. John Norian Hosts Free Fertility 101 Seminar at Embassy Suites Ontario!

Norian Bamboo 2.27.13

Dr. John Norian will be hosting seminars on:

Wed., March 25th 6:30 - 8 pmWed., July 22nd 6:30 - 8 pmWed., November 18th 6:30 - 8pm

Embassy Suites - Ontario Airport3663 East Guasti RoadOntario, CA 91761

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End of the Year Review with Rancho Cucamonga!

We hope you enjoy our HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga year in review video!  What a wonderful time capsule of the past year! A warm thank you to all who contributed with photos.  We look forward to making many more happy memories together in 2015! 

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A Year in

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Happy Holidays to all from HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga!


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Dr. David Tourgeman is featured on Kids in the House discussing Infertility.

DT Kids in the House

Dr. David Tourgeman discusses various topics on Kids In The House.  He discusses topics from Clomid, IUI and IVF, Surrogacy and Egg Donation, Egg Freezing and more.  Click here to learn more.

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Dr. David Tourgeman discusses infertility on Kids In the House The Ultimate Parenting Resource.

DT Kids in the House

Learn more about infertility with Dr. David Tourgeman on Kids In The House.

There are various topics that Dr. Tourgeman discsusses in videos. Here is one on Advice on Surrogacy Today.

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Reaching Lomda Linda Residents

Dr. Norian visits loma lina 12.22.14

Dr. John Norian helps Loma Linda residents prep for thein in-service board exam with a 2 hour lecture on REI topics.  As they were getting geared up for the CREOG exam the residents also explored the world of Reproductive Endocrinology as Dr. Norian discussed the latest techbologies within IVF.  

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Veronica's Miracle Pregnancy After A Long Battle With PCOS

Here at HRC Rancho Cucamonga we love when our patients share their stories!  Sometimes it's about their struggles with infertility, experience with IVF, pregnancy or the birth of their baby. In this video, you'll meet Veronica who has been living with PCOS since she was 13 and struggled for years to get pregnant. Now, just days before she's due to give birth, Veronica shares how Dr. John Norian gave her hope, helped her conceive and her reaction when she heard the amazing news.

The host of this video is Juli Auclair Lipof of and formerly of NBC and CBS


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Dr. Daniel Potter's Patient Jayne Cornwill shares her story with The Sydney Morning Herald!

Jayne Cornwill

Dr. Daniel Potter has helped more than 1000 Australian couples bring their dreams to life through gender selection.   In this story Dr. Potter's patient Jayne Cornwill tells her story to The Sydney Morning Herald.  After having three boys, she still longed for a little girl.  She discusses having "gender disappointment" and how that affected her. 

She states "I'm not alone in going to such lengths to have a daughter. Dr Daniel Potter, the US fertility specialist who treated us, has helped more than 1000 Australian couples "gender balance" their families. When we visited his clinic, HRC Fertility in Newport Beach, during our 16-day stay, we met 14 other Aussie couples in the waiting room, many of them too frightened to tell their friends or family why they were really visiting California".

To read more about her story click here!

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A Baby Girl for Jayne Cornwill!

Jayne Cornwill

Dr. Daniel Potter's patient Jayne Cornwill tells The Sydney Morning Herald about her journey to have a little girl.  She dreamed of having a girl and after having three boys her wishes came true with the help of Dr. Daniel Potter and HRC. Click here to read the full story!

You can also watch Mrs. Cornwill's live interview on the Today Show is Sydney.  After having three boys Mrs. Cornwill began to feel gender disappointment.  Which according to senior psychologist, Dr Di Mc Greal, in Melbourne tells Daily Mail Australia that patients with gender disappointment is increasing and more are dealing with it on their own. She also goes on to mention that in severe cases of gender disappoinment a mother will mourn and grieve for the rest of their life. Dr. Mc Greal feels that mothers should't feel like they're alone because this is common and mothers should not feel guilty for wanting a different sex of their baby. To read more click here.


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Dr. John Norian live on KCAA with Nicole Smith


Dr. John Norian will be speaking live with Nicole Smith on Nov 4h at 5:30pm.  He will be discussing fertility and the available treatment options.

You can enjoy this free event from the comfort of your own home. Here are the details below to join in.

*This is a LIVE Broadcast @ KCAATV/RADIO 1050AM ~Check in @ or @ or LISTEN LIVE @ // or on the radio at 1050am. Twitter: nsmithchange Caller Line......(888) 909-1050

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Dr. John Norian speaks live with Nicole Smith on "Change is in the Air"!


This is a free online event on Nov 4th, 2014. Dr. John Norian will be on live at 5:35 6:00pm discussing infertility with Nicole Smith. 

Below are the detials needed to listen in. 

*This is a LIVE Broadcast @ KCAATV/RADIO 1050AM ~Check in @ or @ or LISTEN LIVE @ // or on the radio at 1050am. Twitter: nsmithchange Caller Line......(888) 909-1050

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Breast Cancer & Fertility

Maimah and Noelle

"But I Wanted to Be a Mommy"

by Maimah Karmo

I never expected to hear that at the age 32 a doctor say I had breast cancer.  No one expects or wants to hear that they are now a statistic- someone with breast cancer - but when you are in the prime of your life and in the middle of your child -bearing years, it can be devastating.  I found the lump when I was 31, had a mammogram, but was told that the lump was only a cyst, and I was "too young to have breast cancer".  I was given many reasons – “not to worry”.   Yet I remained insistent that something was “not right” and I strongly requested for a breast biopsy to be performed. It was then that I found out the unfathomable, as I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, and my life would be forever changed.  

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APPLE and FACEBOOK Announce Healthcare Employee Plans to Include Egg Freezing and Storage Benefits

Norian MD 2014 sm

Plus: Our Dr. Norian interviewed about why this is welcome news!

The tide is turning in the health insurance world.  Starting January 1, 2015 two powerhouse corporations – APPLE and FACEBOOK will start offering to their employees new benefits to cover egg freezing (Up to $20,000).  Here at HRC Fertility of Rancho Cucamonga we are applauding this bold corporate policy change and although some are claiming it is a perk to keep employees happy, we would like to think it is the start of a new trend!

While both APPLE and FACEBOOK have not made many comments to the press since their initial announcement, APPLE did send the following to ABC NEWS.

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Dr. Jane Frederick on Total divas!

Recently Dr. Jane Frederick was on Total Divas discussing egg freezing option with Nikki.

WWE Total Divas Season 3 Episode 1: Eggs Over Freezing | Full Episode

To see some additional photos please see Orange County/San Diego current events.

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