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The HRC Fertility Blog is a resource for patients and those seeking infertility related issues and articles. Check back often or subscribe to this blog as it is changed weekly by the HRC staff.

You Know Those Infertility Highs and Lows? They're Worth It!

Carrie and Steve tried to conceive for four years before choosing to work with HRC and Dr. Jane Frederick. Their long journey to parenthood had many emotional highs and lows, but Carrie said feeling overwhelmed wasn’t one of them.

“With HRC, you are assigned a coordinator who is always available via text or phone. Whenever I contacted my coordinator, she would get right back to me.”

It’s no secret that fertility treatment requires a lot of medication in varying doses and at different times to work optimally. For Carrie, many of her texts and calls were about her medication schedule amd the coordinators were right on top of it.

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Why We Loved Working with Dr. Peck

After trying to conceive on their own for a year and feeling frustrated by their lack of success, Michelle and Trevor sought help from their regular OBGYN. When that didn’t work, their OB referred them to HRC where they met Dr. Alison Peck at one of her seminars.

Like many infertility patients, the couple was anxious to start their family. They felt uptight and frustrated the process was taking longer than they thought. Dr. Peck was a great antidote for that stress.

“Dr. Peck is so nice. She was very calming and positive. I never felt worried with her,” said Michelle.

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Dr. Robert Boostanfar Completes Global Clinical Trial

Dr. Robert Boostanfar of HRC Fertility Los Angeles

Results from Dr. Robert Boostanfar’s global clinical trial have been published in Fertility and Sterility. While globally approved, the trial has not yet been approved for use in the U.S.

Click here to view the published results

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Dr. Alison Peck talks about Egg Freezing

Dr. Peck talks about Egg Freezing - The top 4 questions

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Dr. Alison Peck Discusses Egg Freezing

Dr. Alison Peck talks about the four questions to consider before freezing your eggs: Why freeze my eggs now?; how many eggs should I freeze?; should I freeze my eggs or embryos?; what if I don't use all of my frozen eggs?

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My Journey to My Family

Laura3 625 vertical

L. and A. are delighted with their young family. With twin girls almost three months old, they definitely have their hands full. Even though it's challenging--and sometimes chaotic--the couple says their family was worth the journey through fertility treatment.

Like many newly married couples, L. and A. wanted to wait a while before having kids. Once they decided it was time to try, they were eager and excited, but after a year without success decided to look at treatment options.

Several doctors and a friend eventually pointed L. and A. to HRC and Dr. Robert Boostanfar and, while they still had treatment challenges to overcome, their luck definitely began to improve.

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Dr. Robert Boostanfar Grants Special Mother's Day Gift

Boostanfar MD Lg

Click on the link to hear the heartwarming story of a Bakersfield woman who agreed to be a surrogate for her sister-in-law and cancer survivor. Dr. Robert Boostanfar

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Woman Receiving a Special Gift

Dr. Robert Boostanfar grants the most special Mother's Day wish. Bakersfield woman agrees to be surrogate for sister-in-law and cancer survivor. Click here for the full interview. Robert Boostanfar

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Dr. Jane Frederick Sets the Facts Straight on Ovulation Myths

In a recent interview with the the Duluth News Tribune, Dr. Jane Frederick talked about many of the myths surrounding the science of ovulation: women don't ovulate on the pill; drinking cough syrup triggers ovulation; breast-feeding prevents ovulation; and, many others. Read on to learn more about the science of ovulation.


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Dr. Mickey Coffler Appears on San Diego's XETV to Discuss Aging and Infertility

Dr. Mickey Coffler was interviewed on XETV Channel 6's "Medical Minute" segment to talk about aging, infertility and egg freezing. See the full segment below:


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My Journey to Surrogacy

Brandee knew as a teenager that she wanted to be a gestational surrogate for an infertile couple unable to carry a child to term. In many ways, she knew this long before she was a parent. So she was devastated when she heard she wasn’t a great candidate for surrogacy.

Brandee’s journey as a surrogate started in 2009, and she matched with her first couple a year later. The first couple had a difficult journey. The first year and a half, the couple couldn’t get any viable embryos. With a different doctor, they were able to produce three viable embryos—but the transfer to Brandee failed.

The doctor said that Brandee had a misshapen uterus and wasn’t a viable candidate for surrogacy. The couple moved on to a new surrogate.

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Dr. David Tourgeman Quoted in CNN Interview

"Dr. Tourgeman was quoted in a CNN interview - While legal decisions are being contemplated in the Sofia Vergara case, there should be no issues on the integrity of the embryos even if this takes years to resolve." Dr. Tourgeman

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Dr. David Tourgeman Discusses Sofia Vergara's Frozen Embryos with CNN

Dr. David Tourgeman was recently interviewed by CNN about the lawsuit filed against actress Sofia Vergara over bringing to term two frozen embryos created with ex-fiance Nick Loeb. According to Dr. Tourgeman, "While legal decisions are being contemplated in the case, there should be no issues with the integrity of the embryos even if this takes years to resolve."



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True Infertility Success Stories: Our Donor Process was Worth It

When P and A (couple chose to remain anonymous) decided to pursue fertility treatment to overcome their unexplained infertility diagnosis, they weren’t taking any chances. They decided to try in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with a donor egg.

As soon as Dr. Frederick connected the couple with a donor agency, A was checking out profiles on the website.

“We went from ten years of trying on our own to not taking any chances and finding a healthy donor,” explained A. “It was a process. We spent many days and hours researching profiles, trying to find someone who fit. Neither one of us were emotional about only having half a genetic connection. We knew that if P carried the babies, they were our babies.”

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Infertility: The Importance of Faith and Science

Erica and her husband suffered from secondary infertility, most easily described as infertility in a patient who has previously conceived. When they shared this diagnosis and decision to pursue infertility treatment with friends and family, they were a little surprised at their reactions.

"'At least you have a son,'" people would say. "But for us, our family didn't feel complete."

Erica's first pregnancy at 37 was conceived naturally and easy. She didn't have much morning sickness and people described her as "glowing." Her labor went well, with no complications. After this, she assumed that she would have the same experience the next time she got pregnant. When it didn't happen, it was a shock.

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Dr. Mickey Coffler Interviewed on "Good Morning San Diego"

Dr. Mickey Coffler talks about the 10 percent of couples in the U.S. affected by infertility.



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Chicago Tribune Interviews Dr. Jane Frederick About Ovulation's Role in Fertility

Dr. Jane Frederick was recently interviewed by the Chicago Tribune for an article discussing the myths and modern aids to determining ovulation. Dr. Frederick discusses how a woman's egg supply decreases with age and the best methods for monitoring ovulation. She also talks about the initial tests she conducts on her infertility patients. Click to read the entire article:


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Dr. Bradford Kolb Presents Poster on Reduced hCG Trigger Doses at PCRS

PCRS 2015 poster 3 4 c

Drs. Bradford Kolb and Jane Frederick co-author paper on the outcomes of a reduced hCG trigger dose.

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Fertility Authority Interviews Dr. Daniel Potter at PCRS

Gender selection is becoming more widely accepted and can help couples that may be interested in choosing the gender of a baby before they become pregnant. HRC's Dr. Potter explains the different reasons a family may opt to choose the sex of their baby: 


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Drs. Jane Frederick and Daniel Potter Talk Gender Selection with Fertility Authority at PCRS

Gender selection is becoming more widely accepted and can help couples that may be interested in choosing the gender of a baby before they become pregnant. There are many different reasons a family may opt to choose the sex of their baby, including medical and social reasons. Watch as Drs. Potter and Frederick explain gender selection and family balancing.


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