By JMiller on Monday, 29 August 2016
Category: Dr. Jane Frederick

Couple's Four Year Infertility Journey Ends with Dr. Jane Frederick

Lori and Sean's path to parenthood included treatment from her OBGYN and two local fertility clinics, an ectopic pregnancy, one failed IVF cycle and three heartbreaking miscarriages.

Others might have given up, but Sean's online research took the couple from Phoenix to Orange County California and Dr. Jane Frederick.

Right away, Lori and Sean knew they had found the right doctor. Said Lori, "We were so impressed by Dr. Frederick's confidence and compassion. She reassured us we could make our efforts work. It was the first time we felt we'd met a doctor who understood our pain."

They found that living out of state wasn't an issue because Dr. Frederick's office went out of its way to accommodate their busy schedules and helped coordinate testing and monitoring with Arizona clinicians. Luckily, Lori and Sean only had to travel to California for the IVF retrieval and transfer.

The couple found that everyone, especially Dr. Frederick's coordinator Priscilla, to be reassuring and positive--always knowing they had access via email or phone. This was especially helpful during the early stages of pregnancy when they were understandably anxious.

Reflecting on her experience, Lori added, "I would fly from anywhere in the countryto have Dr. Frederick as my doctor. She and her staff gave us hope and understanding when others didn't."

As a health nurse manager, Lori realizes how rare it is to find a doctor with the same level of care, concern and professionalism as Dr. Frederick. No matter how busy she was, she always made Lori and Sean feel like they were her only patients.