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The HRC Fertility Blog is a resource for patients and those seeking infertility related issues and articles. Check back often or subscribe to this blog as it is changed weekly by the HRC staff.

Fertility Myth #5: You Got Pregnant with Your First; You Won't Have Problems Next Time

It's National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). All week, we're highlighting fertility myths and facts. We've asked fertility doctors what myths they see perpetuated, and we set the record straight. Here's today's...

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Reproductive Legal Rights Watch - March 2010

by Melissa B. Brisman, Esq. This month's legal update begins with two exciting court cases addressing the rights of homosexual parents. In the first case, M.A.T. v. G.S.T., the Pennsylvania Superior Court overturned 25 years...

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Stillbirth and IVF/ICSI

by Jennifer Redmond, Editor-in-Chief, Mar. 9, 2010 -  According to new research, women who conceive a single pregnancy with IVF/ICSI are at an increased risk of stillbirth. The study published in Human Reproduction in February...

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Friends & Family: Whom and What to Tell About Your Infertility

Family and friends can be the best and the worst sources of support. You may hate that some people find and propose answers or solutions for your infertility. On the other hand, some friends or family may be so uncomfortable...

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Genetic Testing: Getting Started at Home

by Jennifer Redmond, Editor-in-Chief, March 4, 2010 - At risk populations are routinely tested for recessive diseases -- those passed on when both parents carry the gene -- such as Sickle Cell, Tay-Sachs and Cystic Fibrosis. ...

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Fertility Authority Celebrates One Year Anniversary! launched February 29, 2009 to provide patients a one-stop, unbiased solution to all of their fertility questions. Today, just one year later, we celebrate becoming a recognized leader in the industry, and...

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Dr. of the Month: Dr. James Goldfarb

James Goldfarb, M.D., M.B.A. Director, The Cleveland Clinic, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cleveland, OH President, SART March 2010 When I see an opportunity that I can do something for patients that hasn't been done...

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FertilityAuthority Launches Premium Business Services Unit to Help Fertility Specialists with Digital Media Marketing Solutions

New York, NY: February 25, 2010 - Now that 61% of adults search for health information online, it is more important than ever for health care providers to have well designed websites and a clear online marketing strategy. ...

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It's Not About Getting Pregnant, It's About Becoming a Mom

by Dena Fischer, Feb. 20, 2010 -  I know how you're feeling right now? I was there.  Maybe my situation wasn't exactly like yours. As you know, I had my boys with the help of an egg donor and a surrogate, so I probably wasn't...

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Fertility-Related Businesses Help Haiti

by Jennifer Redmond, Editor-in-Chief, Feb. 18, 2010

The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12 claimed 230,000 lives and, according to the Red Cross, approximately 270,000 Haitians are living in makeshift shelters while...

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What Blood Tests Can Tell You About Infertility

If you are unable to become pregnant after one year of unprotected intercourse, or six months if you are a woman over 35, you and your partner should have a full physical and medical evaluation. Several blood tests are available...

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The Male Fertility Workup

Male infertility is a lot more common than many believe. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, infertility affects men and women equally. If your female partner is under the age of 35 and you have been...

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Male Fertility: Collecting a Semen Sample

It's okay to feel a bit uncomfortable about collecting a semen sample for sperm analysis. By and large, men describe the experience as awkward and embarrassing. The conditions can be less than ideal: you're performing ...

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Infertility and Men

Male infertility is a lot more common than many believe. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, infertility affects men and women equally. If your female partner is under the age of 35 and you have been...

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Buying Fertility Drugs

A growing number of independent pharmacies specialize only in fertility medications. In general, the prescription is delivered to the pharmacy directly from the clinic. Some specialty pharmacies sell a large portion of their...

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Cross Border Reproductive Care

Why it's not fertility tourism and, if you're in the U.K., why it may be for you. by Laurie C. Gordon, Jan. 27, 2010.  Read more...

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How Old Is Too Old for Fertility Treatments?

by Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, Jan. 27, 2010 Rumors are flying that Madonna, 51, has sought consultation with a fertility doctor because she wants to have a baby with her 22-year-old boy friend, Jesus Luz. If true, she could join the...

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A Day in the Life of a Fertility Clinic Nurse

While your fertility doctor is in charge of managing your treatment plan, your doctor's nurse will be the person who helps you execute it. Infertility clinic nurses help you schedule your appointments around your cycle, call you...

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