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  1. wuldlikeaboy
  2. Gender Selection
  3. Friday, 20 March 2015
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Hi, I'm 38 years olds and I had bilateral tubal ligation and my husband and I are thinking about having another child. We already have two lovely daughters and would like to have a son. What are my options? What are the risks and financial costs involved? I'm concerned about multiple pregnancies. We would like to assist with all my children college tuition so our budget is around $10,000. Is this dream still feasible? Thanks!
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DrFrederick Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thank you for your inquiry regarding the gender balancing program with IVF/PGD. I have treated many interested parents who wish to have one more pregnancy with a certain gender using the technology – please schedule a new patient consult either in person or by phone, to review the process, and review the costs as well. I am looking forward to helping you achieve your dream very soon.
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  2. Gender Selection
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