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  1. tiff
  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Monday, 15 April 2013
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i was put on progesterone supp cause levels were a little low ... then stopped taking them at approx 12 weeks when doc did ultrasound and all was great ..., 8 days later i had very light spotting of pink , went to emergency room to get checked out - ultrasound results looked great - no issues - then went home about 4-5 hours later i had a big gush of clear fluid my water broke no blood . then about 8 hours later woke up with cramps went to restroom alot of bright red blood came out , went to emergency room had ultrasound done - no heartbeat ... then they did a D&C ...
i wasnt to get pregnant again - do u suggest i goto a high risk doc or a fertlilty clinic ?? any comments on why this happened or what i can do to avoid this next pregnancy?
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DrFeinman Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
This is possibly a case of incompetent cervix. You should try to see a high-risk specialist (perinatologist) around 12 weeks of pregnancy. There are tests to see if this is the case and a procedure that is done that might prevent another loss.
Good luck!
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