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  3. Sunday, 03 March 2013
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If I am found to have diminished ovarian reserve what will be my options? Will I be told once initial screening, blood work, etc, is done if I do have diminished ovarian reserve? Do you offer help with donor eggs? What would be the cost using donor eggs? I am concerned due to my age of 37 soon to be 38 I may not have the best quality of eggs. I am told my paps and physicals have all been normal but my periods have gotten shorter. My doctor said not to worry that normal periods can fluctuate by 4 days give or take. I am currently at about a 26 day cycle.
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HRC Anonymous User Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Can anyone help with information on using donor eggs? What is the standard protocol? How about the legal issues? I am worried about my eggs - if I will have enough healthy follicles for IVF? Not sure what is involved.
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DrFeinman Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Your questions are a bit too extensive to answer here. You would benefit from a consultation to discuss all the questions. You actually are not that old. You might be a candidate for mini-IVF, where we give low doses of stimulation drugs and are happy with the few eggs we retrieve. We have one of the most experienced egg donor programs in the world, if that's what you end up needing. Since you are only 38, you have little time to still pursue conceiving with your own eggs, before moving to egg donation.

Please call 818-788-7288 if you would like to discuss these options in more detail with me.
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