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  3. Tuesday, 07 May 2013
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Hello, i got a tubal ligation about 8 years ago and now i have decided that i want to have another child, i spoke to my physician and she said that IVF was what i needed to do because i would have a better chance then getting a reversal. What would the steps i would need to do? We have had a very close friend get pregnant with HRC help and have heard nothing but amazing things about your facilities.
Please assist me on what we would need to do so we can then set up a apt.
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DrTourgeman Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello MikeShelbie-Indeed IVF may be more appropriate for you. This will depend on the number of children you desire in the future as well as your age. I would be happy to review the decision making process, as well as the details of both options with you. I would ask that if you are interested in the West LA or Encino location that you kindly call Nichole at 310-481-0881.
David Tourgeman, MD
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wendymejia2197 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
i want to know if I can still donate eggs if I had my tubes tied?
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MMontgomery Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
One of my friends was using menstrual cups far earlier, almost at the beginning of her infertility journey when she wasn't diagnosed fully at all. It is reusable and comfortable once you get the hang of putting it in. It takes a few tries but it is worth the effort. Unlike a tampon which absorbs the blood along with the vagina's natural secretions, a menstrual cup simply holds the fluids until you remove it hence chances are more. If you're interested, there is a menstrual cup called a coupe menstruelle that is made of very flexible silicon.
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