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  1. mom2aem
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  3. Friday, 15 May 2015
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Hi, I am 27 years old with 2 young girls (5 and 3). Both were delivered via Cesarean and after my second my husband and I decided it was best to have my tubes tied (financial reasons). Life has changes, my girls are getting older, and I now completely regret the decision and want another child. Do you do tubal reversals? I'm young, healthy, and prefer to live a natural lifestyle. I'd rather not do IVF.
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Good morning-indeed we can perform tubal ligation reversals. One issue when deciding to do the reversal vs IVF is how many children more you desire. If it is just one, perhaps IVF is a better option. If more than one, then reversal sounds reasonable. The other issue is deciding if you okay with having a 3 hour surgery for the reversal vs a 10-15 minute procedure for IVF. These issues may play an important part in your decision and should be discussed with your physician when making your decision.
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