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  1. magdaroberts
  2. Gender Selection
  3. Monday, 15 September 2014
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I just turned 39 years old. I have a 5 year old son through IVF. I am healthy, and all of my tests were unremarkable. My husband's sperm was clumping. I got pregnant through IUI, had a miscarriage and decided to go straight to IVF. Then before my son turned 1, I was pregnant with another beautiful son, naturally.

Now we are thinking about having a girl, and I am wondering if my embryos can be transported from the clinic in Calgary, Canada to your clinic for that purpose. I have 10 embryos that were harvested at age 33. There are eight day 3 embryos with cryo scores of 3.5 to 4.0. One has a cryo score of 2.5. As well as two day 6 embryos. I am wondering about approximate success rate and cost. I would like to use these embryos if I could and avoid a fresh cycle.

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Hi Mag,
I'll be glad to help. You can transfer your embryos to our lab from Canada. We would have to thaw them all, do PGS and identify one or more chromosomally normal female embryos for transfer. If you are lucky, you won't need a fresh cycle.
We offer phone or Skype consults for out of country patients. Please call my assistant and she will set you up at your earliest convenience.
Looking forward to speaking to you soon,
Dr. Coffler
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