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  3. Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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I'm 31 and I've had 2 IVF cycles with ICSI. My last cycle ended in a miscarriage. All of my pre-cycle testing was normal. My husband had TESE to freeze his sperm so we can use it for both cycles. With both cycles I've had a thin, but pretty (triple lines) lining. My last cycle (which ended in miscarriage) I had around 5.5 lining when I went in for the 3 day transfer and I had 5 good embryos transfers with assisted hatching. When I got pregnant, my doctor was happy to see that my lining reacted normally and grew thicker. Do you think my thin lining is a problem and how would you treat it? I'm currently looking for a new RE in the Beverly Hills area and I know you have a clinic there. I did not respond to Viagra or Estrogen suppositories.

Thanks for the help!
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DrWilcox Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I have had some success doing an estrogen priming protocol with up to 3 months of unopposed estradiol continuous treatment. This is followed by progesterone to induce a period, and then we prep the lining for possible transfer. If you can manage 6 to 8 mm, the data supports a much better prognosis.

Good luck.
Dr. John G. Wilcox, M.D., Pasadena, Ca.
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