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  1. joekolahi
  2. Male Infertility
  3. Monday, 13 May 2013
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very low testestron 120 out of 600.
what is the chanse of recovery
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DrNorian Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Depending upon the cause of the low testosterone, the chance of recovery varies. There are different ways to treat a low testosterone level with medications. Many of these methods are very successful; however it does depend upon the etiology. Some different causes include taking over medications that interfere with testosterone production such as anabolic steroids or excessive opiate/narcotic use, a history of prior chemotherapy, gonadal/testicular failure, too much prolactin secretion (hyperprolactinemia), or thyroid disorders.

I would love to help you with this. Please schedule an appointment with me ideally at our new office in Rancho.

Best of luck,
Dr. John Norian
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  2. Male Infertility
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