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  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Sunday, 03 March 2013
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I am about to give up trying to have a baby so I wanted to have a last opinion before I do. I am 36 had a surgery last year thinking this would be the end of my problem trying to have a baby but the problems had just started. I started to take Clomid and on the second month I had a horrible allergic reaction with extreme swolleness on arms legs, lips... these reaction took months to go completely away. My doctors say there is no way to isolate the reason of the allergy and therefore I should give up having a baby and start blocking my menstruation, so that the endometriosis doesn't get worse again. They say it would be very risky to use the injection drugs to stimulate ovulation, because they could even kill me.

Should I just accept this and give up?
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DrNelson Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I have personally never seen an allergic reaction to Clomid like the one you describe. Anything can happen, but I would certainly want to make sure that there was nothing else that you were taking that month that may have caused your reaction. The other medications we use to stimulate ovulation are completely different in their composition and method of action than Clomid, so there should be no association with your reaction to Clomid and other potential fertility medications. However, before moving forward with the use of any other medications I would certainly want to talk with your other physician to discuss the specific circumstances surrounding your allergic reaction. If for some reason none of the medications we use would be appropriate for you (which I doubt) than there are other treatments to consider such as natural cycle IVF where very few medications are used. In order to determine your chances of conceiving it would be important to review the other outstanding medical information out there on you such as the operative report from your surgery. If you would like a second opinion than please feel free to give us a call. Good luck.
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