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  1. HRC Anonymous User
  2. IVF
  3. Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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Hi Doctor,

I have a question about repeated IVF failure. I am 46 and have had 3 IVF without success. All three cycles were egg donor embryos, so my age supposedly has nothing to do with it.

Our first cycle was fresh with two good quality embryos in July 2008. In Dec 2008 we did an FET with two embryos from the same donor cycle. The egg donor was unproven and had not done donation before. Both cycles were unsuccessful.

Last month we did another frozen cycle with two great quality embryos (5AA and 5AB) that were donated to us. The previous recipient had two embryos transferred and got pregnant with twins. My uterine lining was 13mm and everything looked great but we still did not get pregnant. I am upset with my RE as she called and gave me the negative HCG result over my voice mail so I am considering looking for a different clinic.

My question is what factors contribute to repeated failure even with perfect embryos and no apparent maternal problem?

Second, given my history, I am reluctant to spend more money on this if it is unlikely that we will ever conceive. What advice would you give your patients in this situation?

Thank you
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DrCoffler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

A second opinion may not be a bad idea. I would repeat the evaluation of the uterus.
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