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  1. HRC Anonymous User
  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Thursday, 28 February 2013
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I'm currently experiencing my fourth miscarriage in the past 3 years and I'm 28 years old. The first was around 6 weeks, second was a chemical pregnancy, third a blighted ovum resulting in a D & C at 12 weeks, and currently miscarriage after thickening of lining but no sac and slow-rising HCG levels from weeks 5-6.

I have been tested for the clotting factors, and the only issue found was a heterozygous single MTHFR mutation. Due to this I was taking baby aspirin and 4 mg of folic acid daily during this last pregnancy. Both my husband and I have normal karyotypes. An HSG done at HRC showed normal anatomy. I have normal menstrual cycles.

I'm planning on seeing a specialist once my miscarriage is complete. What diagnostic tests should be done at this point and what possible treatment(s)?

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DrCoffler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Swim63,

Apparently you had a complete work-up and adequate treatment. One of your options is IVF with 24 probes PGS. This should minimize the risk of conception with a chromosomally abnormal embryo and a repeat miscarriage. You may want to bring it up when you discuss your options with the fertility specialist.

Dr. Coffler
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HRC Anonymous User Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

I also have MTHFR(but I have both copies). I've heard that girls with MTHFR should take the broken down version of folic acid and other B vitamins. Google it and you'll see what I'm talking about. Good luck! Don't give up hope. I had a successful pregnancy(HRC pt) at 24 before finding out I had this.
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