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  1. frabe93
  2. Gender Selection
  3. Friday, 01 March 2013
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Dear HRC :

Hi, I have several questions for you.

1. The cost is ower than TZ Fertility. The gender selection of TZfertility is around 20000 USD. Is there any techiqune different between you ?
2. The travel days for gender selection of TZFertility is 8 days. Is it needed for 14days for HRC ?
3. I am from Taiwan. Do you have the name list for local monitor center in Taiwan ?
4. I already have 2 daughters. My wife is 34 year old. What is the successful pregnant rate for a son ?

Look forward to receive your feedback.
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DrCoffler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Here are the answer to your questions:
1. The cost for gender selection at HRC will total around $13300. This will not include medications and travel expenses or any care that your wife will need in your country. Rates will increase next week, but they will not reach $20000. I am not sure where did you get your information from.
2. Your wife needs to be here for her last ultrasound exam, 2 days later - egg retrieval, 6 days later - embryo transfer. Some physicians recommend 3 days of bedrest, but this is not uniformly practiced. This means that you need to be here a minimum of ten days to complete the process and fly back on day 11. The alternative is to fly when the eggs are mature and save 2 days, I do not recommend that, but it is possible.
3. We will work with any clinic that is geographically convenient to you, and we will provide the instructions and test orders. We have worked with patients from Taiwan in the past, and I am sure that we can accomodate you as well.
4. You can check our exceptional IVF success rates at
In your wife's age group, the live birth rate is 64% per cycle. Since she does not have fertility problems, she can expect to be pregnant.

I suggest that you call my office and schedule an initial phone consult. My assistant is Carissa, and she can be reached during regular business hours at (760) 758-2034. I will be available to talk to you this week or after April 11.
Dr. Coffler

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frabe93 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Many thanks for your responses.

One more question :

Because I speak Chinese. If I make a phone call, will there be any misunderstanding between us ?
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