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  1. cmml1971
  2. IVF
  3. Saturday, 18 May 2013
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I am having a problem becoming successfully suppressed and need some advice. Quick history, I've had 7 ivf cycles with my own eggs, none successful. Switched to donor eggs and had one blighted ovum and one live birth. I've always had problems with endometriomas producing hormones during suppression but it was never insurmountable. Had an FET in Feb that was not successful. Now trying to go back for a second FET and I've been canceled twice now due to inability to manage a hormone producing cyst. 1st round Femara and Aygestin for 8 weeks and the cyst remained, cycle canceled. 2nd round 10 days on Tamoxifen 40mg and Aygestin, labs looked good and ultrasound clear. Continued both drugs 7 more days and started Lupron for the 7 days as well in preparation for protocol. Stopped Tamoxifen and Aygestin Thursday, by Friday had 42mm cyst appear on ultrasound and progesterone had spiked, cycle canceled.

My questions are....
What can be done for someone like me who cannot get these cysts under control? I cannot get to the point of starting protocol.
Is surgery the best option to remove the cyst so we can do an FET?
Is it possible that addition of Lupron caused the cyst?
Are there stronger drugs that can kill this thing?


I think my RE is stumped.
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DrCoffler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
A good option would be to use prolonged suppression with Lupron Depot. You can talk about it with your physician.
Good luck,
Dr Coffler
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