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  1. HRC Anonymous User
  2. Gender Selection
  3. Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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here's my history i'm 28 going on 29 soon husband is 34 weve had two live births with no MC's where it gets interesting is that after our first son was born in 01 my husband had a vasectomy done when he was about a year old. in Oct 07 he had microsurgical reversal and we became pregnant in August of 08 with our second son born 09 then in Jan 2010 he had another vasectomy. Come to find out he had always wanted a girl like me but thought we had had our shot and it wasnt ment to be then i heard about PGD and had a couple questions. We are from Alaska so would be traveling down to there to California how long would we both have to be there if we decided to do this? How much would it cost for the retrievel of his sperm, IVF, PGD and medications combined? And is there any package deals where if it doesnt take the first time you can get more than cycle if you pay all up front or is there any guarantees of keeping on trying until it works? Thanks for your time
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The other question i have is about the preliminary testing i would need to have done. I'm due for my yearly exam and was hoping i could go in and get alot of it out of the way right up front. I live in Alaska in a smaller town with only a couple doctors and they are general practitioners so i'm hoping i can get alot of what needs to be done here otherwise i will have to travel about 300 miles or so which would be ok im just curious on whether GP's are able to do all the testing i need here. Thanks
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