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  1. trecia99
  2. PGD
  3. Monday, 11 April 2016
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I recently had a AAA graded embryo that was sent for PGD testing. The cells showed No data. The embryologists received the no data results and unthawed the embryo to retrieve more cells in order to test once more. The second test showed No data as well. Is it possible that this AAA grade embryo is abnormal causing the No data results? Or is it just as possible that this embryo is normal. I am 41 years old and also have another AAA, and AAB graded embryo that was PGD tested. Both embryos have been PGD tested as normal. At time of retrieval 2 months ago I had 15 follicles and 12 of which were functioning. 9 eggs were retrieved, 8 mature, 7 fertilized, 6 were 5 day blasts. All 6 were PGD tested – 2 were normal and 1 no data.
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