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  3. Tuesday, 04 March 2014
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Hello, Mr OBGY professor in HRC Fertility clinic

Iam 38 yrs old pre-father plan to have baby in south korea
Iam interesting to PGD which can select embroyo's HLA type, because my wife has HLA type susceptible for IDDM she has also IDDM family history
her older sister has it, not my wife

HLA typing result is HLA DR B1 0405/ HLA DQ B1 0401

my wife and her older sister share HLA type which are susceptible for IDDM, especially susceptible IDDM HLA type in East Asian

We are worried about our child may have same HLA type susceptible for IDDM

I know the IDDM etiology is multifactorial, but We want baby who have low risk IDDM occurance genetically.

unfortunately PGD for HLA typing to prevent IDDM is illegal in south korea

so I have some questions
I will appreciate to you, if you answer my questions.

Q1) PGD for HLA typing to prevent IDDM is legal in your country?
Q2) If possible in your country, How much success rate of PGD? (my wife 35 yrs old, no pregnancy, no infertility History)
Q3) How much cost for PGD for embryo HLA typing- IVF- Pregnacy- healty baby?
Q4) Are there significant side effects for mother when PGD-IVF procedure?
Q5) How much days needs for PGD-IVF-Pregnancy procedure?

Thanks you.
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DrWilcox Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
HLA typing is legal in the US and has minimal side effects. It does require IVf and is about 25000. It will require you stay for roughly 14 days in the U.S.
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